Nerve Movie

Nerve: Vee takes a daring step to make her life thrilling by entering the truth or dare game

Nerve movie is based on a novel by Jeanne Ryan but the writer of the movie is Jessica Sharzer and the director is Henry Joost. The film stars Emma Roberts, Dave Franco and Juliette Lewis. It was first premiered on 12 July 2016 and released for public on 27 July 2016.

NERVE is an online game of truth or dare, without the truth. It has two parts – watchers and players. This popular video game has millions of fans and number of its watchers is increasing day by day. The novel and also the movie revolve around this dreading but popular online game.

Venus Delmonico (Emma Roberts) is a high school senior but she’s fed up of her boring life. She wants to do reinvigorate her life but doesn’t know how to. One of her friends introduces her to NERVE online game and encourages her to be part of the game. She starts as a viewer and soon feels that she must join the game. She enters into the fray and starts winning game after game. Soon Vee becomes popular among the viewers and this popularity elates her to touch the sky that could be dangerous.

Thrill of the game is that the players never know what could be asked to do. While enjoying the game, she feels that her life is dictated by the viewers. She is doing whatever the viewers want her to do. She starts feeling the pressure of expectations but she is at the place from where she can’t come back or it can be said that she doesn’t want to come back. She takes the decision to do that no one has ever tried. It is the limit and she knows that she is doing it against her wishes. The act could be life threatening but she agrees to perform just for her viewers.

Things turn to worse from bad but Vee keeps moving ahead in the game. It is a never before told story. The film shows how far people could go to have thrill in their life. There is no such film in this genre. It is a different movie that will certainly attract viewers. The film got a huge response during its premier.

Why watch the movie?

Nerve is an action crime techno-thriller survival film. It has family drama, romance, suspense, thrill and action. But the biggest attraction is NERVE that is an online game of truth or dare. It is a family movie that everyone will like. Nerve is also important as it is a female centric movie. It has a female actress in a lead role. Vee is looking for thrill and action and she finds solace in an online thriller game.


• Nerve is made by YouTube personality Casey Niestat who is also having a cameo in the movie

• In a scene, Vee is reading news on her computer while on the right side on the online newspaper is an article on James Franco

• Kimiko Glenn and Samira Wiley also featured in Orange in the New Black as a romantic couple

• Vee uses first generation of iMac

Release date: July 27, 2016

Directors: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Emma Roberts
Dave Franco
Emily Meade
Miles Heizer
Kimiko Glenn

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