Newton Movie

An elated Rajkummar Rao minced no words in praising the Newton theme and concept

Newton is a political satire on Indian democracy, the largest working democracy of the world. Here elections are held every five years and every state goes to election at a scheduled time. Citizens take part in elections but it is government servants that play a crucial role in enabling people to cast their votes without any fear or apprehension.

Message from Newton

Nutan Kumar aka Newton is a rookie government clerk assigned with the task of holding free and fair election in a Naxalite belt in present Chhattisgarh. Newton goes to the election duty but finds many loopholes in the system. He finds that people are afraid of voting out of an unknown fear. His job is to conduct elections but he goes a step ahead in encouraging people to come forward and vote.

Rajkummar Rao on Newton

The award winning actor is happy to play the lead role of Newton in the movie. He said he saw the movie an opportunity to study the electoral system and how elections are conducted. Also he wants to give a message to all voters. Many people don’t vote and give lame excuses for not voting. But the voters in Naxalite belt have something to fear from.

Critical reception

The film has already got accolades from international community. It was praised at the 67th Berlin Film Festival and the CICAE Award function. It is a different theme with a social message. It is a lesson to all government servants that go on election duties but hesitate in fulfilling their duties.

Newton connect with the movie

This movie isn’t inspired by Sir Isaac Newton but it has Newton effect that is inventing new things. Rajkummar Rao sheds some light on the Newton connect of the movie by explaining how the movie nudges electorate to understand power of voting and exercise their votes. It is also an eye opener for those government agencies that take election as just part of their job.

Newton First Look & Poster

The poster has Rajkummar Rao holding a ballot machine and fingers reaching towards the machine. Newton is holding the machine close to his chest as if he is anticipating threat. Dressed in army costume, his eyes are wide open in amazement. Name of the movie is written above and the letter “O” of Newton is made the “press button” of the ballot machine. It is a simply but inspiring poster.

Why watch the movie?

Elections are real hence there can’t be any story about them. The movie shows election process and how people cast their votes. It highlights threats to democracy and also gives a solution to remove the threat. It is an educational movie that everyone should watch.

Directed – Amit V Masurkar
Produced – Manish Mundra
Written – Amit V Masurkar
Screenplay – Amit V Masurkar, Mayank Tewari
Starring – Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil, Raghubir Yadav



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