Overlord Movie Review

Overlord: J. J. Abrams Compares Nazis with Zombies in This WW II Story

Overlord is an American war drama turned horror story by J. J. Abrams. The story moves at a slow pace so that the audiences get ample time to predict the next sequence but the plan is to surprise the viewers in every scene.


It is WW II and the Americans are fighting Nazis in France. A paratroop battalion of the US army is on a mission to destroy a German radio tower set atop a church in a small town outside of Normandy. Confident of their victory, the Americans set out for the attack in an airplane but the aircraft is shot down by German forces.

The American airplane crashes close to the enemy line but it saves all the paratroopers that set out to carry out the operation. As they move inside the village, they realize that they are in a bigger mess and their worst fear comes true when they find themselves surrounded by undead persons. It is a Nazi village of undead persons.

Highlights of the movie:

  • It is a scientific horror story where undead persons are created by science
  • The American paratroopers come from different communities but they are racially integrated
  • The atmosphere of the German village is shown nerve chilling
  • It is a Nazi-Zombie subject matter

Overlord First Look & Poster 

overlord movie review

The poster wears a red color but a human face of an undead person is created using black spots. The producer has printed his name on the top and the movie name is written in middle.

Why watch the movie? 

Horror is the only USP of this movie and the WW II scene is created only to give a different theme to the story.

Movie Trailer


  • J. Abrams confirms that Overlord isn’t a Cloverfield franchise
  • Movie critics still believe that the movie is a misdirected part of Cloverfield series
  • Some parts of the movie were shot in the Bluebell Railway in West Sus$ex, England
  • Principal photography of the movie was complete in January 2018

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