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Shazam Movie Review

DCEU Sets A New Trend In Superhero Movies From Shazam! Shazam!is a superhero character of DC Comics. He’s a wizard looking for a champion to bestow his superpowers. And his search ends on a kid that is pure from heart. He turns the kid into an adult superhero and also shares the secret of becoming a superhero to the kid. Story  Billy Batson is just 14-year old but he has the power to become a superhero uttering a few words. The moment he utters those magic words, he transforms into an adult with superpowers but kid from mind. And he does all sorts of things that a teenage kid of his age is expected to do after becoming all powerful. He does funny things with his new found powers but he’s cautious of losing the powers. Also, there is one Dr. Thaddeus Sivana looking for those powers. Would Billy Batson be able to keep his powers a secret? Highlights of the movie  First live-action film on the character of Shazam! Seeing a superhero behaving like a kid if fun Fast pace of the story keeps audience glued to their seats DCEU bids adieu to Batman and Superman Shazam! First Look & Poster  The poster has Billy Batson in the attire of a superhero but he’s blowing balloon from the chewing gum he is chewing. This handmade poster shows that Billy has transformed into a superhero but he’s still kidding. The name of the movie with a halo on the letter...

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Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review

Romeo Akbar Walter: Robbie Grewal Undercooked What Could Be An Effective Spy Thriller Romeo Akbar Walter is a spy thriller starring John Abraham, Jackie Shroff,SikanderKher and Mouni Roy. The film is loosely based on the events leading to 1971 Indo-Pak conflict. Directed by Robbie Grewal, the movie tries to highlight the role of a Indian spy in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. Story  Rehmatullah Ali a.k.a. Romeo (John Abraham) is a bank teller by profession but he becomes a spy at the instance of Srikanth Rai (Jackie Shroff), chief of R&AW. Romeo gets a new appearance and name to sneak into the enemy territory. He enters Pakistan as Akbar and soon befriends Khudabaksh Khan (SikanderKher), ISI officer. But little does Akbar knows that Pakistani intelligence is after him and also he fears his life from his masters in India. Highlights of the movie  The movie is a slow burner that allows sufficient time to understand the change of events The film lacks jingoism and the enemy has human face Raghubir Yadav leaves his mark in a cameo Mouni Roy has a limited role to play John Abraham looks more sensible than a muscle man Romeo Akbar Walter First Look & Poster  The Wikipedia poster has John Abraham in the characters of Romeo, Akbar and Walter. The poster is divided in three equal parts and each part is dedicated to a character. The name of the movie is spelled as the names of characters. Why watch the movie?  The...