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Minions Movie (film) – The Adventure Tale Of Little Loveable Oddballs

This spin-off from to the unabashedly humorous movie Despicable Me, tries to take the plot away from humans and give these google-eyed yellow creatures a centre stage of their own. The film that was released in theatres on 10th Jul 2015, offers an overdose of cuteness to the audiences as they enjoy the charming elements, the adorable gibberish talk and the awesome screen presence of the animated characters. Plot: The minions having accidentally killed all their bosses, including the Tyrannosaurus and Napoleon, have now moved to Antarctica to live in a desolate colony of their own. But these small yellow...


The Gallows Movie

With a plot that has been repeated umpteen numbers of times, The Gallows has absolutely nothing new to offer to the audiences. There is not one interesting or innovative thought in the flick that was released in theatres on 10th Jul 2015. In addition to the plot being completely predictable, the movie lacks anything that can make it the least bit entertaining. Plot: A group of teenagers finds the footage of a deadly freak accident that killed some students of their high school nearly 20 years back. The youngsters plan to restage the events found in the footage to commemorate...