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Cold Pursuit Movie Review

Cold Pursuit: Liam Neeson Battles For The Last Time On Screen Cold Pursuit is a remake and it can be called a perfect remake. Inspired by the 2014 movie In Order of Disappearance, Cold Pursuit features the story of a snowplow driver and his son who is killed by a drug cartel. Is it a co-incidence that both the movies are directed by Hans Petter Moland? Story  Nels Coxman is a snowplow driver in a resort town located in majestic Rocky Mountains. A peace loving person, Nels Coxman is awarded with Citizen of the Year trophy but little does he know that a tragedy is waiting to be happened in his life. His son is killed by a drug cartel. A disillusioned Nels Coxman decides to take arms and hunt down the killers of his son. But he finds himself caught between two drug cartels. Nels Coxman hatches a plan to kill the drug companies to eliminate the drug menace.   Highlights of the movie  The story makes a fine balance between action and comedy The remake corrects the mistakes done in the first movie It looks like an extension of the earlier movie Liam Neeson reveals his true killing instinct  Cold Pursuit First Look & Poster  The poster of the movie features Nels Coxman dragging a drug peddler in the snow. His snowplow truck is seen parked in the background. The entire poster is given a snowy look with milky-white color and the movie name is written with red...

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The Lego Movie 2 Review

The Lego Movie 2: The second part is as mesmerizing as the first part is The Lego Movie 2: The Second Partis the second installment of The Lego Movie (2014). The sequel is coming after two failed attempts by the Warner Animation Group – TheLego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie (both 2017). Story  You need to go into flashback to recall the conclusion of The Lego Movie (2014). The sequel starts from the conclusion when the citizens of the city of Bricksburg are seen living with a looming danger of alien invasion. The sequel turns the fear into reality with LEGO DUPLO invading the city and wreaking havoc on everything that comes in their path. Emmet, Lucy, Batman and rest of their friends have to take the responsibility of defending the LEGO universe from the courageous and creative aliens. Highlights of the movie  The sequel is pretty much lithe the last one – funny, adventurous and thrilling The grown up characters display maturity in actin and dialogue delivery The new characters communicate with human-scale gestures Critics say that the movie is a good commercial entertainment It has message “be nice to your kid sister” The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part First Look & Poster The poster shows all the characters landing from the space. Name of the movie is at the forefront followed by the brother sister duo and others including the invading aliens at the tail end. The background is made of dark sky with tiny...