The Age of Adaline- A decent watch with elements of fantasy and romance!

Introduction: The Age of Adaline released on 24th April 2015 in U.S.A. The movie has a running time of 110 minutes. Rank: *** Produced – Sidney Kimmel, Gary Lucchesi, Brett Ratner, Tom Rosenberg Music – Rob Simonsen Edited – Melissa Kent Release dates – April 24, 2015 (United States) Running time – 112 minutes Country – United States Language – English Cast: 1 -Blake Lively will be starring as Adaline Bowman 2- Michiel Huisman will be playing Ellis Jones. 3- Harrison Ford will appear as William Jones 4 – Ellen Burstyn is casted as Flemming 5 – Kathy Baker will be seen as Kathy Jones Director:Lee Toland Kriger Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama The Age of Adaline Movie Plot Adaline Bowman after an accident miraculously remains 29 years old for around 8 decades. This becomes a curse for her as she remains in seclusion by not getting close to anyone or disclosing her secret. Her passion for love is refueled after a chance meeting with philanthropist Ellis Jones. Now, she has to make a decision that will transform her life forever. Critic’s Review: The movie has received mixed reviews from the critics. Various critics have rated it average to above average but the performances of Blake Lively and Harrison Ford have been received positively. Cast and Direction: This tale of fantasy drama is directed by Lee TolandKreiger. He has tried to put emotions sharply, especially in the second half of the movie.The screenplay of the movie is penned by J. Mills...


20 Once Again Movie

Introduction This romantic comedy has certain magical elements in it, which are indented to derive the interests of the audiences. All the stars Yang Zishan, Kuei Ya-lei, Chen Bolin, Lu Han, Wang Deshun, Zhao Lixin, Li Yijuan and Yin Hang brilliantly acted and received admiration. This film did extremely well and had been able to receive high amount of commercial success all over South Korea. Rank: Three Stars Cast: Yang Zishan, Kuei Ya-lei, Chen Bolin, Lu Han, Wang Deshun, Zhao Lixin, Li Yijuan and Yin Hang Director: Leste Chen Genre: Romantic Comedy 20 Once Again Trailer Plot This romantic comedy involves a 70 year old elderly woman Shen Meng Jun recalls about her youth days with a photographer while her funeral session is going on. She magically gets transformed into a 20 year old beauty, who gets the opportunity to meet few astounding men. She then decides to live her past dream of becoming a singer. Critic’s review This film proved to be a sensation for women. The work that had been seen on this film seem to depict the original characteristics of a 20 year old beautiful women. This film has been considered to be a good Korean comedy. However, it has also been felt that few more elements of comedy were needed to be added to the movie. Cast and Director This brilliant Director Leste Chen had perfectly made the movie, thereby utilizing his directorial skills in a unified manner. Not to mention, the high amount of contribution...