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A Dog’s Way Home: It is Pet Adventure of a Different Kind

A Dog’s Way Home is a pet adventure based on the book A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. It is a family drama and the pet is a part of the family. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the pet completes the family picture. It isn’t based a true story but people have started relating it with their stories. Story  Lucas is a young man with a kind heart for animals especially pets. He’s good at studies and now preparing for a medical degree. One day he finds a she-dog wandering aimlessly. She was a puppy lost from her family. Lucas takes the puppy home and gives her the love and care she deserves. Soon the puppy grows into a dog and also develops a close relationship with Lucas and other family members. One day, the dog gets separated from Lucas but she’s determined to return back to her. But she’s to travel 400 miles to reunite with his family. Highlights of the movie  The heart touching story would make you sob The dog did a wonderful job in the movie The story looks a real life incident A Dog’s Way Home First Look & Poster  The poster shows an innocent puppy locked inside a shoe. It looks lost and worried about its home. On the top, there is a social message and on the bottom, there is the movie name. Why watch the movie?  It is a family movie that shows the bond pets have...

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URI: The Surgical Strike Movie Review

URI: The Surgical Strike: Vicky Kaushal Proves His Talent Again After Raazi Uri: The Surgical Strike is more a documentary than a movie. Related to a real-life incident when 18 Indian soldiers laid their life in a terror attack by heavily armed terrorists in Uri town in Jammu and Kashmir, the movie tries to depict the events as they unfolded on 18 September 2016 and again on 29 September when the Indian army retaliated with surgical strikes. Story  Major Vihan Singh Shergill is looking for premature retirement to serve his mother who’s suffering from late-stage Alzheimer. The army offers a desk job in South Block to Vihan but the destiny has already selected Vihan for the most audacious job an army officer can expect. When the country calls, Vihan gets ready to lead the surgical strikes. For him and for every soldier, it is the country that comes first. Highlights of the movie: Related to the real surgical strikes Dialogues that get etched in mind Cinematography and the VFX work is stunning Amazing performance by the cast especially Vicky Kaushal URI: The Surgical Strike First Look And Poster  The poster has Uri inscribed on it and Indian soldiers are seen raiding the enemy territory to carry out the surgical strikes. Vicky Kaushal is seen standing tall with army outfit and armaments in middle of the poster. A helicopter is seen in the background. Why watch the movie?  It is the movie worth watching for everyone. The story, dialogue, cinematography, star...