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Creed II Movie Review

Creed II: When The Boxing Ring Becomes A Battleground For Settling Personal Scores Creed II is a sports drama spun around two boxing matches resulting in the death of a champion and shameful defeat of another. But the game continues with the second generation of boxers replacing their fathers. The first one wants to avenge the death of his father and the second one wants to reclaim the honor of his father. Story  In 1985, Apollo Creed, a former heavyweight boxing champion, is defeated and killed by the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago. The same year, Ivan Drago faces a humiliating defeat at the hands of Rocky Balboa. 36 years later, Rocky is training Adonis, son of the deceased boxer for a fight with Viktor, son of Ivan Drago. The match is fixed for Christmas Day but it has different meanings for the contestants. While Adonis wants justice for his father, Ivan Drago wants to defeat Rocky with the help of his son. For him, Adonis represents Rocky. Highlights of the movie  The contrast between Adonis and Victor makes Creed II more interesting Introducing progeny as stars is a welcome experiment The motives behind the training of the boxers have genuine reasons The story of the movie covers the story of Rocky Impeccable direction and stunning performance of Stallone, Jordan and Thompson Creed II First Look & Poster  The poster features the two generations of boxers. Adonis and Victor are seen at the front and Creed and Drago are in the...

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Disney Sees The Web Through The Eyes Of The Ralph Ralph Breaks the Internet is the second installment of the Wreck-It Ralph film series starting in 2012 with the film Wreck-It Ralph. The movie is focused on the serious attempts of Ralph to become a hero. Story  Ralph takes his determination to become a hero by helping his friend as a mission and sets out to help little Venellope von Schweetz in locating the driving wheel of Internet game, Sugar Rush. Venellope loves this game but she’s lost its wheel and is looking for someone to help her in locating the missing part of the game. Both Ralph and Venellope plunge into the unknown world of the World Wide Web hoping to find the missing part that they find on auction on an eBay website. The part is available at a price they can’t pay. Ralph orders the part for his friend but little does he know that she’s developed a crush for another game, Slaughter Race. As things begin to become desperate, Ralph approaches a business tycoon Yesss for help. Highlights of the movie  The movie received praises for storyline, character and humor at the world premier The voice done for the characters brings them to life The film showcases the colorful world of the Internet It has a secret message for the viewers It is called a worthy sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet First Look & Poster The poster reflects the World Wide Web...