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Humor Me Movie

Humor Me: A young father goes to retirement home to live with his aging father Humor Me has a message that is humor can help relieve the setbacks life has to offer. But it isn’t a comedy movie. There are two stories that run parallel. First is a young couple and second is of old people in a retirement home. And a senior writer-director Sam Hoffman needs no lessons to learn how to connect both the stories. Story of Nate Kroll Nate Kroll is the main cast of the story. He’s an award winning playwright but seen struggling with his...


Proud Mary Film

Proud Mary: The movie has a beautiful woman; a beautiful story and beautiful locations Proud Mary is an action-thriller about a hitwoman transforming into a kind hearted woman. The society made her a lady don but the woman in her inner self was never subdued by the trauma she went allthrough her life. There’s so much to tell about the movie but the buzz in social media is all about confusion. Taraji P. Henson on Proud Mary Excited to talk about the movie and especially her role, Taraji minces no words while elaborating the character of Proud Mary. She’s a...