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Pihu Movie Review

Pihu: Direction of Vinod Kapri and acting of Myra Vishwakarma saved this movie from drowning Pihu is the story of a toddler struggling to save her life in her home where there is no one to feed her and supervise her acts. This heart-touching movie by Vinod Kapri had received the international accolade at the 14th Trans-Saharan International Film Festival. Story  Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) is a 2-year old girl living with her parents who are always fighting. She’s adjusting her life between the regular fights of her mother and father but one day the things become uncontrollable leading to the death of her mother. Her mother does suicide by drinking poison and her father leaves the home forever. Pihu was sleeping when the things take an ugly turn. She wakes up only to find her mother dead and father out-of-sight. Unaware of the development, she talks to her dead mother and also rings her father for help. Highlights of the movie  Strong direction – making a toddler act is certainly an achievement Natural acting by Myra Vishwakarma The film underlines real dangers toddlers face at home The story is capable of holding the attention of viewers It looks natural in today’s nuclear family culture Pihu First Look & Poster  The poster wears a tragic look. It has Myra Vishwakarma with her stuffed toys and dead mother whose hand with injury marks narrates the horror she went through the previous night. The light of the morning sun is visible in the...

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Mohalla Assi Movie Review

Mohalla Assi: It could have been the biggest movie of Sakshi Tanwar had it been released in January 2012 Mohalla Assiis finally ready for release with “A” certificate and one cut by the censor board. It is a satirical comedy-drama based on the popular Hindi novel “Kashi Ka Assi” by the noted writer and scholar Dr. Kashi Nath Singh. Story  Dharmnath Pandey (Sunny Deol) is a Sanskrit teacher who also works as a Brahmin in Assi Ghat. His day starts with attending to the domestic and foreign tourists at the ghat and later in the day he goes to a school to teach Sanskrit. Dharmnath Pandey is an orthodox Brahmin who wants to uphold the traditions, values and principles of Hinduism in these changing times. Started in 2011, the movie passed through tough times including a long legal battle before receiving the green signal for screening. Highlights of the movie  Based on the Ram Janma bhoomi movement and implementation of Mandal Commission Strong star cast – Sunny Deol, Sakshi Tanwar, Saurabh Shukla, Ravi Kishen and Mukesh Tiwari Focusses on the darker side of foreign tourism in Banaras Showcases commercialization of Brahmanism Mohalla Assi has the local dialect that sometimes looks abusive Mohalla Assi First Look & Poster  The poster features all the characters including Sunny Deol, who’s in the attire of a Brahmin teacher. He’s provided the largest space on the poster. Also, the Assi Ghat is visible on the poster. Name of the movie with other details is printed...