Freak Show Movie

Freak Show: Alex Lawther successfully runs for homecoming queen in his high-school Freak Show is a 95 minute show of determination by a high school boy who follows his heart despite being a student of an ultra-conservative high school.He’s like other boys but different from heart. His dress, tone and even the thoughts and taste are subverting masculine norms. Here Billy Bloom takes the audiences to the journey of his high-school life that is no less than a mess of compulsions, aspirations and subversions. Follow Billy Bloom to his high-school He loves living his life in a carefree manner but calling him careless would be injustice to him. A friend of all, Billy Bloom enjoys seclusion more than anything else. And it isn’t he isn’t interested in making friends but the truth is that he’s brought up in an atmosphere where any child could feel suffocated. Boozy mother Mom is the biggest blessing of god but Billy Bloom can’t say so as he got nothing and also learnt nothing from his mother. A drunk hard, his mother is unable to give the love and companionship he needs. He isn’t a gay by nature but he misses masculinity on many counts. By the time Muv, Bill’s mom, goes to a rehab center, Bill is ready to go for a senior-high semester. The nurturing Bill gets from his mother is all about glamor and grace. It in intoxicating that brought drastic changes in his behavior. The change is evident from his introduction...


Mukkabaaz Movie

The U/A certified Mukkabaazhas the potential to become the biggest entertainer of 2018 Mukkabaaz is a sports drama and not a biopic. It is the story of a humble boxer making a bright career with his determination. Here it is necessary to mention that in India it is only cricket that gets all the media attention and advertisements. In this situation, a humble boxer doing a good job is a big deal. What is in the name? It could be Boxer that suits to the story but it is the story of Uttar Pradesh or Hindi Pradesh. Also the name looks a little bit daunting as it seems that someone is going to punch you on your face. Director Anurag Kashyap wants to keep his story simple and acceptable. It is about a common man achieving great heights with little help. Also we already have a movie on boxing – Mary Kom. What is the story? Shravan is a budding boxer but he belongs to a lower caste. He joins a gym owned and run by a local don Bhagwan Das Mishra but his eyes are stuck on the beautiful niece of the don. They both become friends and then start liking each other. The don doesn’t approve of their relationship and becomes angry on knowing that Shravan is still in relationship with his niece despite repeated warnings. Finally Shravan wins heart of the don and gets his blessings. Who’s what in the movie? Anurag Kashyaphandpicked stars for the movie....