Insidious: The Last Key Movie

Insidious: The Last Key: A scary plot wasn’t needed to close the Insidious series of horror movies Insidious: The Last Key is the fourth chapter of the Insidious series of horror movies and it is a prequel of the 2015 Insidious movie. When a film series runs long enough, its director has to look for ways to explore new avenues to keep the story going with timeline. While some characters become basic to a long story, adding new characters become a necessity to keep the story fresh. Elise Rainier The 2010 Insidious introduces Elise Rainier as a senior and very experienced demonologist. The $exagenarian parapsychologist played a crucial role in the first chapter the horror series. She explains many things and also gives startling revelations of the happenings. The movie projects the demon to be in control of everything and the director finally gets Elise removed by the demon. The 2013 Insidious: Chapter 2 has Elise Rainier in shadow. Here death is thoroughly investigated only to find that no clue is available that could indicate that Elise was killed by the main protagonist. Elise was very much present in the second chapter as the story was woven around her character. The 2015 Insidious: Chapter 3 is devoted to Elise Rainier as she tells her story. It is revealed that she distanced from the dark world because she has intuitions about an evil spirit hunting to kill her. But later she’s convinced to start practicing demonology believing on her strength and...


1921 2018 Film

1921: The latest horror film by Vikram Bhatt has more music than earlier horror movies 1921 is a horror movie by Vikram Bhatt hence it has all the drama, romance and suspense, thrill and a little bit of horror as we saw in his earlier movies. He has developed a unique style of telling horror stories by mixing love and sex. It’s surprising why Bhatt doesn’t notice that his films have more romance than fear. Quick review of the story Ayush visits London to study music. “Vikram Bhatt has inserted nine songs in the movie to make it a musical horror story. While it is difficult to establish any logical connection between music and fear, Bhatt seems to be trying to allay the fear of ghost with music”Ayush is studying music and he’s quite good at singing but he suddenly starts having eerie feelings. Is he haunted? A distracted and haunted Ayush looks for help that he finds in Rose. The story moves on with Ayush and Rose falling in love and singing and dancing without any fear or apprehension. The story keeps moving towards horror after every love seen and finally the spirits are silenced forever. Zarine Khan An actress reborn is how Vikram Bhatt describes his female lead protagonist in the latest horror thriller 1921. Zarine Khan is playing an important character Rose that has the power of attracting spirits. She’s is introduced as ghost whisperer and in the movie, she’s see walking with ghosts. The spirit haunting...