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Kaalakaandi Movie

Kaalakaandi Movie :Saif has gone really crazy with this movie Saif Ali Khan starrer Kaalakaandi is a comedy drama on Mumbai’s life. Whatever is learnt from the media reports is that the movie depicts life and style of Mumbaikars. Saif is the central character and also narrator of the movie. He drives his speed car through the open roads in mid of night and meets different characters including underworld people. The movie tries showing underworld of the Bollywood through different characters. Kaalakaandi Story The story of the movie revolves around underworld represented by Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal. Saif looks more like a narrator who travels different places and meets different characters. Sometimes he becomes a driver and on the other scene he is seen in the costume of a don. His mustard color fur coat has already gone viral on social media. Kaalakaandi Movie in news Kaalakaandi filed review petition against CBFC ordering 73 cuts in the movie. Trailer of the movie is withheld due to cuts. Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) is reviewing the movie. The entire Kaalakaandi team especially Saif is hopeful of FCAT reviewing the CBFC decision and allowing the movie to be screened with fewer cuts. Saif’s excitement about the Kaalakaandi movie Kaalakaandi is another experimental movie of Saif Ali Khan and for this reason he is excited about its release. But his fear about success of the movie is palpable from his interviews in which he described the film as “intelligent”. Excited about his...


Thiruttu Payale 2: Story of corruption made larger than life

Thiruttu Payale 2: Story of corruption made larger than life Thiruttu Payale 2 by Susi Ganeshan is a movie of different taste. It isn’t about good v/s bad or story of a common man having extra-ordinary powers but it tells what happens when all bad people see each-other face-to-face. The story is about the worst from the bad. It isn’t about corruption but about corruption in the corrupt system. The movie Corrupt police officer Selvam (Bobby Simha) is police officer popular as honest corrupt in the police circle. He lives a peaceful life with his beautiful wife Amala Paul (Agalya). He earns good money with corrupt practices but he’s always looking for more ways to earn money. Suddenly he gets an opportunity in the form of surveillance specialist. He is assigned the job of tapping phone calls of high and mighty of the society and powerful people. Selvan makes more money by tapping phone calls of elite group of society and politics. He sneaks into the personal lives of his bosses and gets their secret phone numbers, bank account details and other crucial information. But he listens to a phone call that indicates at a bigger scam. The bad boy Balakrishna (Prasanna) is the bad boy of the movie. A smart and tech-savvy guy, Balki is an experienced hacker. He knows how to flirt and win women. He hunts for lonely women and flirts with them. Finally he gains access to their personal computers, downloads secret information from their computers...