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Proud Mary Film

Proud Mary: The movie has a beautiful woman; a beautiful story and beautiful locations

Proud Mary is an action-thriller about a hitwoman transforming into a kind hearted woman. The society made her a lady don but the woman in her inner self was never subdued by the trauma she went allthrough her life. There’s so much to tell about the movie but the buzz in social media is all about confusion.

Taraji P. Henson on Proud Mary

Excited to talk about the movie and especially her role, Taraji minces no words while elaborating the character of Proud Mary. She’s a hitwoman says Taraji before giving more details about the movie. The Golden Globe award winner actress has no comments on the question of why the movie wasn’t available for critics. It’s going to be released but no pre-release review could be published due to the cold shoulder attitude of Sony and Screen Gems, the production company.

Taraji P. Henson telling the story

Proud Mary is born orphan and is reared on streets where she learns toughest lessons of life. She learns to live when the whole world want you to die. She does street fighting and grows to become a hitwoman working for an organized crime family in Boston. Soon she becomes the most dreaded lady killer of Boston. One day she misses her target and the bullet takes life of a parent of a young boy. Her heart melts with sorrow on seeing the orphan boy. It is the moment that changes the movie.

Confusion about the movie

Hollywood is quite sensitive about black movies and for this reason no one is coming forward to say anything in favor of the movie. But Taraji is confident that the movie would be a trendsetter in Hollywood. She’s openly talking about equal rights for women in movies. It isn’t the first movie with a lady protagonist but here Proud Mary is the central character and the entire story is woven around the character.

What to expect from the movie?

Considering the big budget, big names associated with the movie and the storyline, the movie is going to serve lots of violence and explosions to the audience. Also there are tragic deaths, strong words and $exuality without that has become a staple of action movies.

Proud Mary First Look & Poster

It is a pink poster with only one face visible and that is of Taraji P. Henson. But the beautiful face is given a black background that shows Proud Mary in action with all her firearms on display.

Why watch the movie?

Action is the biggest entertainer and here it comes with a beautiful face. The movie has a heart rendering story with a beautiful woman in the center. Also it has more violence and explosion and above strong language.


• Taraji P. Henson playing a hitwoman second time in the movie
• The movie looks similar to the movie Gloria
• Danny Glover and Margaret Avery are reunited in the movie
• Most scenes are shot in Lowell, MA

Directed – Babak Najafi
Produced – Tai Duncan, Paul Schiff
Starring – Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown, Danny Glover, Neal McDonough, Xander Berkeley, Margaret Avery
Production company – Screen Gems
Distributed – Screen Gems
Release date – January 12, 2018
Country – United States
Language – English

Freak Show Movie

Freak Show: Alex Lawther successfully runs for homecoming queen in his high-school

Freak Show is a 95 minute show of determination by a high school boy who follows his heart despite being a student of an ultra-conservative high school.He’s like other boys but different from heart. His dress, tone and even the thoughts and taste are subverting masculine norms.

Here Billy Bloom takes the audiences to the journey of his high-school life that is no less than a mess of compulsions, aspirations and subversions.

Follow Billy Bloom to his high-school

He loves living his life in a carefree manner but calling him careless would be injustice to him. A friend of all, Billy Bloom enjoys seclusion more than anything else. And it isn’t he isn’t interested in making friends but the truth is that he’s brought up in an atmosphere where any child could feel suffocated.

Boozy mother

Mom is the biggest blessing of god but Billy Bloom can’t say so as he got nothing and also learnt nothing from his mother. A drunk hard, his mother is unable to give the love and companionship he needs. He isn’t a gay by nature but he misses masculinity on many counts. By the time Muv, Bill’s mom, goes to a rehab center, Bill is ready to go for a senior-high semester.

The nurturing Bill gets from his mother is all about glamor and grace. It in intoxicating that brought drastic changes in his behavior. The change is evident from his introduction to high school where he receives thumbs down response. The unimpressive intro makes him a thing to laugh at.

Strict father

Billy Bloom’s father is very straightforward with little or no emotions for his son or anyone. What he does is warning Bill every now then and creating fear in his mind. Many of his warnings proved true but each warning makes Billy firmer on his life’s goal.

Homecoming queen

It is Billy’s dream to become homecoming queen and nothing can stop him from running for the show. He faces trauma but does whatever he wants or finds fit. His journey to high-school and to becoming homecoming queen is a ride to a roller-coaster.

Freak Show First Look & Poster

Here’s Billy Bloom going for homecoming queen in the poster. It shows the party in progression with lights on and the people merrymaking. Billy is going towards the center stage wearing a dark black coat. It seems that he is getting a pleasing welcome by the audiences. Name of the movie and is printed on the back of the boy and also there are pictures of other stars.

Why watch the movie?

It is a high-school movie with a definite theme. Billy Bloom represents the students that suppress their hearts and minds only to meet expectations of their parents and teachers.


• Laverne Cox and Lorraine Toussaint were last seen together in the 2013 movie Orange Is the New Black
• First motion picture of Bette Midler in 5 years
• Abigail and Anna Sophia were in American Girl Doll movies