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Great Grand Masti – Masti 3

Great Grand Masti faced 22 cuts Simply put Great Grand Masti is the Masti 3 of Indra Kumar, who gave Masti and Grand Masti. Just like its predecessors, it is also an adult comedy and it received a total of 22 cuts to get passed by the Film Censor Board. Director Indra Kumar might raise a finger at the board and its working but the board is right in its decisions. Riteish Deshmuck is a $exologist and runs a सेक्‍स clinic where he treats patients of Gupt Rogs. He has patients with different problems like one with a bee sting. Censor Board found many scenes and dialogues of the सेक्‍स clinic objectionable hence removed. Dialogues such as “main chadna bhool gaya hoon” are really objectionable and the board is right in making surgical cuts in the dialogues and scenes. But Riteish Deshmukh isn’t the only actor to come under board’s scissors. Another lead actor Vivek Oberoi also met the same fate. There is a problem with Vivek’s brother-in-law and this starts a series of double meaning dialogues but most were retained. Dialogues that board found objectionable were removed. Vivek got a decent treatment at the hands of board but it doesn’t mean that he is spared. His comments on his brother-in-law are very serious in nature but it is an adult comedy and such comments are acceptable. But board found them objectionable and removed. Director Indra Kumar left no stone untouched to make this movie a true comedy for adults...


Love u Family Movie

Love You Family: Yet another movie on father-daughter relations and family bonding Love You Family is a family movie based on the relations of father and daughter. It is presented by Bharat Shah and its writer and director is Sachindra Sharma. There is not much information available on the movie but it is going to be released with the big budget movie Guest iin London and Raabta. Another movie on father-daughter relations In a media briefing at Chandigarh, the film director Sachindra Sharma gave a brief description of the plot. It is revealed that the story revolves around a loving family but the story is kept different as there are already many movies on father-daughter bond and relations. It is expected that Love You Family will remind you of the Mahesh Bhatt directed 1989 movie Daddy. But the writer and director didn’t reveal much about the plot. Schaindra Sharma further revealed that the parents will take their kids to movie theaters to watch the movie. The film is focused on the relations of parents and kids and gives a message that is love and affection is needed to maintain calm in ups and downs of life. It is a social movie far away from thrill, suspense or drama. Also it isn’t a real life story but it is the story of every family. Overall, the film is going to be a family entertainer. Audience can expect light comedy and some suspense in the movie. But if you are comparing the...