Phobia Movie 2016

Phobia is the story of agoraphobia patients

Phobia has a message for society and the message is clear and loud. It is a story of an unfortunate girl who was $exually exploited in her teens and she develops agoraphobia as a result. She lives with the phobia and tries to overcome it with the help of her boyfriend. Radhika Apte starrer Phobia depicts the mental agony and physical pain women $exually harassed in their teens face throughout their life.

In the film, Mehak is an artist but she has agoraphobia and she knew it. She suffered a $exual attack at the hands of a cab driver but developed agoraphobia due to which she is afraid from coming into open and between public. She retires to her room and locks her inside thinking that it will help her overcome the phobia but on the contrary, she starts getting hallucinations. She notices that previous occupier of her room was murdered and is now seeking her help.

Luckily Mehak has a caring boyfriend Shaan (Satyadeep Mishra). Aware of her mental condition, Shaan takes Mehak to a psychiatrist and in this way try helping her in overcoming her fears. He even gets a separate home for her and it is where things start going in wrong direction. The hallucination of presence of an unknown person haunts Mehak day and night. But she is quite positive towards her wellbeing.

What is good in the movie? The horror in the movie is spine-chilling but it has no murder mystery or black magic. It is a simple case of agoraphobia and a mental condition that anyone can fall into. Hallucinations that Mehak develops is due to phobia and there is no truth behind those beliefs. It is a simple story of a girl trying to cope with her past in a male dominated society where she finds everyone, except her, her enemy.

Viewers can relate the story with the story of Nirbhaya. Had she been alive, she would have gone through similar pain and suffering. Director Pawan Kriplani is able to create horror with the help of a medical condition that anyone can face in life. Story line is simple but made strong and also the stars made the story alive with their hard work.

Why watch the movie?

It is a horror movie hence horror lovers will certain go to theaters to watch the movie. They will like it as it is different from regular murder mysteries and other story lines adopted by horror makers. Another reason to watch the movie is to understand agoraphobia.


• Radhika Apte met psychologists and doctors to understand agoraphobia

• She researched patients suffering from agoraphobia to give live performance

• It is the first solo film and also first psychological thriller of Radhika Apte

Directed – Pawan Kripalani
Produced – Viki Rajani
Written – Viki Rajani
Starring Radhika Apte
Music – Daniel B George
Production company – Eros International, Next Gen Films
Release dates – 27 May 2016
Country – India
Language – Hindi

Phobia Film

Phobia – Exclusive 360 Degree Experience

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