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Raees: Mian Bhai isn’t Abdul Latif but a fictitious character inspired by the life of the dreaded Gujrat gangster Abdul Latif

SRK has clearly stated that Raees isn’t the story of Abdul Latif and there should be no more questioning on this. The movie has already come under the lens of ASI that issued it a notice for shooting at an ancient mosque and tomb complex in Ahmedabad.

Raees is the story of a small time bootlegger Mian Bhai rising above everything including society and law. He is bootlegger by business but from heart, he’s a gem of a person. The story is set in Gujrat in early 80’s to 90’s before Mumbai bombings. Mian Bhai is shown as an astute businessman but for society, he is a kind-hearted and helpful friend, who’s accessible to all. His business is illegal but he manages it like a legal business. Soon he builds an empire by eliminating whoever comes in his way. Law and law enforcing agencies are his biggest enemies and for this reason he can never set scores with law enforcers. Such a big personality; multi-millionaire and self-proclaimed god and savior of downtrodden is challenged by an honest police officer of higher echelon. But Mian Bhai is loved by public and also he has love interest. Pakistani actor Mahira Khan is playing against SRK in the movie.

If success of Raees trailer is an indication of public mood then the movie will be paisa-wasool for SRK. The trailer kept trending all the day of its release and if the trend continues, it is certainly going to be a big plus for the movie. Viewers liked the dialoguebazi between SRK and Nawazuddin Siddiqui who’s playing the tough cop in the movie but highlight of the trailer is the item dance by Sunny Leone. Song “Laila Main Laila” from the movie Qurbani is rewritten for Raees and Sunny is selected for the item number. Length of the song is kept 5:06 minutes so that viewers enjoy every second of it.

Raees first look and poster

Wikipedia is using a handmade poster of the movie. The poster has SRK and Mahira Khan holding each-others hands and leaning on each-others forehead. Bearded SRK is wearing an open jacket probably of dark green color and a white tee under the jacket. Also there is a pendant on his neck. And Mihira has put on a suit matching with the jacket color of SRK. The entire poster has got a green theme but name of the movie is written in white.

Why watch the movie?

It is one of the biggest movies from SRK and the movie has already landed in controversies like association with a gangster and Pakistani actor. Raees trailer was an instant hit and SRK has a large fan base. Indications for the movie are good.

Raees Movie Song


• The movie was earlier scheduled to be released on Eid
• Raees will be released with Hrithik starrer Kabali
• Raees is associated with a Gujrat gangster Abdul Latif
• Before Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the role of the cop was offered to Farhan Akhtar and Fardeen Khan

Directed – Rahul Dholakia
Produced- Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, Gauri Khan
Written -Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi, Niraj Shukla
Starring-Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Production company- Red Chillies Entertainment, Excel Entertainment
Release dates- 26 January 2017
Running time- 161 minutes
Country -India
Language -Hindi



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