Rangeela Raja Movie Review

Rangeela Raja: Govinda Gives Double Dose of Comedy with Shakti Kapoor and Prem Chopra

How the controversies surrounding Rangeela Raja work for the movie is the only thing to be seen on its release. The movie stars Govinda and the veteran actor is doing a double-role. The story has many twists like sometimes it looks like woman centric and sometimes it becomes Govinda focused.


Vijendra Pratap Singh (Govinda) is a philandering businessman and his younger brother Ajay Pratap Singh (Govinda) is a pious yogi. They make a happy family but the elder brother seems to be more interested in doing boyish things like eve-teasing, molestation and talking obscene about women. One day, a career minded woman Natasha (Mishika Chourasia) joins Vijendra Pratap Singh. And soon she impresses the entire family of Vijendra with her intelligence. But the younger brother Ajay Pratap Singh wants to bring his elder brother back on track with the help of Natasha.

Highlights of the movie 

  • It’s a Govinda type of comedy
  • Govinda makes an amazing chemistry between the two roles
  • The movie has an ensemble of stars including Prem Chopra and Shakti Kapoor
  • Late actor Kader Khan would be seen in special appearance

Rangeela Raja First Look & Poster 

rangeela raja

The poster has Govinda in his double role. Yogi Govinda is seen sitting on a couch and the gentleman Govinda is on the feet of Yogi. The window opening in the backdrop gives a mesmerizing view of nature, blue sky and sunrise. The movie name also figures on the backdrop.

Why watch the movie? 

Govinda fans need no reason to watch the movie. Others can see the movie for a laughter dose by Govinda.

Movie Trailer


  • Madhuri Dixit was the first choice for the character of Natasha
  • Mahesh Anand is making a comeback after 13 years
  • It has been 25 years since Govinda and Pahlaj Nihalani worked together
  • Govinda portrayed the life of Vijay Mallya

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