Movie After bold Minal Arora, Taapsee Pannu plays cheerful outspoken Punjabi girl is the story of a website and also there is a story behind the site. So, we’ve two stories mixing in one movie and both the stories run parallel. The website is all about love-birds and marriages and also it is about the making of the site and people behind the website.

Taapsee Pannu, Amit Sadh and Arsh Bajwa are people behind the site and their only objective is to help lovers elope and get married. They give tips and advice to lovers; the site shows many ways to elope safely and get married before anyone comes to know about their plans. The subject is hilarious and it becomes more interesting with Bihari and Sardarji geek, the movie becomes a laughter bag.

Amit Sadh is Ram Bharose, a matric-fail 23-year old boy working at Singh ‘n’ Singh bridals as the owner’s right-hand man. Taapsee Pannu is Nimmi, daughter of the owner and Arsh Bajwa is Sarabjeet Sidhana a.k.a. Cyberjeet as he loves computer and worships Bill Gates. The three belong to a small town in Punjab. They start their website together and also the Ram Bharose and Nimmi come close. Then something goes wrong with the site and the service of eloping becomes a job of catching cat and mouse.

There site was running well and one day brother of a lover approaches the site office with a request and his request changes everything. What was that request? It is climax of the movie and the site. Ram Bharose has good sense of business despite weak academic background and Nimmi is a cheerful Punjabi girl. Out of the three, it is Cyberjeet that is the brain behind the site and the Ram Bharose and Nimmi are only supporting the site. first look and poster

The poster shows the trio promoting their site – Amit Sadh is holding a placard “Bhagayenge Hum Nibhayenge Aap”, Sarabjeet Sidhana is playing dholak and Taapsee Pannu has a mike in her hand. They are dressed up like villagers and sitting on a wooden sofa. They look confidant with their site and also unaware about the upcoming events. The background shows under construction homes and some clothes hanged under the sun to dry. The sofa they are sitting on is decorated with flowers. The poster supports the theme that is to run a site that helps lovers in running-away and getting married.

Why watch the movie?

It is a comedy movie with a different theme. It can also be taken as a satirical look towards the changes the society is facing. There is no violence or suspense but only comedy. It is a family movie with lots of songs – seven tracks. Movie buffs will certainly go to multiplexes to see Taapsee Pannu after Pink.


Seems we don’t have any trivia for the movie

Directed -Amit Roy
Produced -Shoojit Sircar, Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures
Written -Navjot Gulati & Amit Roy
Starring-Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu
Music – Anupam Roy, Abhishek-Akshay & Zeb
Production company- Rising Sun Films
Release date – 17 February 2017

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