Saala Khadoos Movie

Saala Khadoos is another sports centric film exposing political interference to control sports bodies. The story revolves around a boxer who is forced to quit but he emerges as an efficient coach.


Adi is an ambitious boxer eying gold medal for India but has to face a humiliating defeat at the hands of weak and meek opponent due to a conspiracy by his coach. Shattered by the defeat, Adi becomes a vagabond trying to comfort his grieving soul and finding solace by putting his gloves to rest forever. Story starts with his return to ring as a coach but of women boxing team and the turning point comes when he meets Madhie, a machliwali on the streets of Chennai, and finds a boxer in her.


  • “Kaun Kehta Hai Ki Hindustanion Main Dumb Nahi Hai, Sports Main Se Politics Hatake Dekho, Gali Gali Mein Champions Milenge”
  • “Bahot Saare Aate Hain meri Baap Ki Umar Ke, Un Sabh Ko Jaake I LOVE YOU Nahin Bolti. Life Mein First Time Kisi Ko I LOVE YOU Bola Hai. Main Nahi Darr Rahi, Tu Kyun Darr Raha Hai. Tune Toh Kitno Ko Bola Hoga”
  • “Block Kar Na Block Kar, Sand Ki Tarah Pair Patak Rahee Hai”
  • “Abe Teri To, Agar **** Tabhee Ukhaar Deta To Aaj Desh Mein Boxing Ki Ye Haalat Na Hoti”


  • Saala Khadoos
  • Dil Ye Ladaku
  • Jagaas Khunnas
  • Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan Ziandagi
  • Jhalli Patakha

Film Release

The film was released in Hindi and Tamil simultaneously. In Tamil it is “Irudhi Suttru” and Adi Tomar is Prabhu in Tamil.

From the production

Madhavan tried producing the lisp professional boxers have due to facial injuries by sporting metal braces inside his teeth while delivering the dialogues.
Tamil version “Irudhi Suttru” has received highest positive reviews from critics so far but “Saala Khadoos” is said to be weak on story and music.

Directed – Sudha Kongara
Produced – S. Sashikanth, C. V. Kumar, R. Madhavan, Rajkumar Hirani
Written – Sudha Kongara Prasad, Sunanda Raghunathan, Arun Matheshwaran
Starring – R. Madhavan, Ritika Singh
Release dates – 29 January 2016
Country -India
Language -Tamil, Hindi

Saala Khadoos Movie Trailer

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