Sanju Movie

Sanju Movie

Sanju is a blockbuster. It is the third movie to enter the club of highest first-day earners of 2018 and the first movie to earn the highest profit on second-day of its release. In fact, it has started a new trend in box office collection. Usually collection declines in second-day but in the case of Sanju, the second-day collection of this movie is 38.60 cr.

Who is the villain of the movie? Is it the media that published stories about Sanjay Dutt?

sanju movie review

Box Office Collection

First-Day (Friday): 34.75 Cr

Second-Day (Saturday): 38.60 Cr

Third Day (Sunday): 46.71 Cr

Mixed response from fans and followers

– It is only Ranbir Kapoor that can play Sanjay Dutt better than the Dutt himself

– Amazing movie, emotional and touching

– Most stretching movie of Raj Kumar Hirani

– Full on overacting

It’s all about Ranbir Kapoor

Sanju has an impressive star cast including veteran actor Paresh Rawal but it seems to be Ranbir Kapoor v/s Sanjay Dutt.Also,Ranbir Kapoor has a tough lesson to learn from this movie. None of his earlier movies including JaggaJassos in which Ranbir Kapoor took personal interest delivered but Sanju did. What made Sanju different for Ranbir Kapoor is the director. Raj Kumar Hirani was quick to recognize the budding actor in Ranbir Kapoor.

Sanju v/s Media

Sanju is released and available for review and everyone is reviewing from his/her knowledge and information about the life of Sanjay Dutt but according to Raj Kumar Hirani, Sanjay Dutt is made a scapegoat by media and that Sanjay Dutt suffered much with bad publicity than the court cases.

A still from the movie shows Paresh Rawal yelling at an editor of a newspaper for painting a bad picture of Sanjay Dutt in a news story. Also, there is an item number warning the media against making false propaganda about Sanjay Duttat the end of the movie.



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