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Is Zaira Wasim the Secret Superstar of Aamir Khan?

Secret Superstar is another female centric inspirational movie by Aamir Khan. The movie isn’t inspired by any real life incident but the story is inspiring. After Dangal, it is the second women centric movie by Aamir Khan and he’s quite excited about the story and the movie.

What Aamir Khan says about Secret Superstar?

Aamir Khan shares an anecdote about the movie. Story of Secret Superstar was inspired by a line said by Aamir Khan. He once said to a parent “kids are like bubbles, they’ll come up on their own”. Story of the movie is inspired by this sentence. It is personal opinion of Aamir Khan and the superstar is very much firm on his opinion about kids. Writer director Advait Chandan scripted the movie on these words of Aamir Khan.

Secret Superstar story

A young girl Insiya (Zaira Wasim), who aspires to be a singer but she isn’t supported by her father. Determined to fulfill her dream, she goes on to make her videos and post the videos on the web but with anonymous names. Her life comes full circle when a leading music director and also a composer Shakti Kumar finds her videos. Shakti Kumar is played by Aamir Khan and according to Aamir, it is one of the most challenging roles he’s done.

Shakti Kumar is arrogant and rude as he believes that he’s the best. But he’s facing a tough time due to his attitude. The story moves ahead after Insiya meets Shakti Kumar. The self-centered music director not only supports her but also helps in achieving her dreams. So, we see Aamir Khan in the role of a mentor. He’s also in the lead role.

Zaira Wasim as Secret Superstar

Aamir Khan minces no words in praising the skills and abilities to learn new things of the Dangal girl, Zaira Wasim. She played young Geeta in Dangal and is provided another opportunity in Secret Superstar. It is a proud moment for Zaira Wasim as working with Aamir Khan is like a dream come true for any newcomer.

Secret Superstar First Look & Poster

The poster has the superstar Aamir Khan in backdrop. He looks arrogant in mustaches and upward moving hair. He’s wearing a fur coat and colored glasses and he seems to be singing a song. On the front, there is Insiya with her mother and younger brother. The poster has a tagline “Dream Dekhna Toh Basic Hota Hai”. It inspires every child to see dreams.

Why watch the Secret Superstar?

The Aamir Khan starrer Secret Superstar will attract viewers for two reasons – Aamir himself and Zaira Wasim. Zaira played Geeta in Dangal and now she’s playing Insiya in Aamar Khan produced Secret Superstar.


• Second time after Tare Zameen par when Aamir Khan is playing the role of a teacher
• Shakti Kumar is inspired by music director Anu Malik
• Aamir Khan took only 15 days in completing suiting for his role

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