Simran Movie

Simran: Her love for life is unparallel

Simran introduces Kangana Ranaut in a new avatar. She’s playing split personality of a nurse and also a kleptomaniac. It is a difficult character but the Rangoon girl who gave a thrilling performance in a WWII movie is all set to give another outstanding performance of a NRI nurse who was sentenced for robbery.

Simran Story

It is the story of Praful Patel, a NRI nurse in Canada. She was addicted to gambling and accrued huge debt due to her gambling habit. When forced to repay her debt, she started stealing things from anywhere she gets an opportunity and finally attempted bank robbery. But she was caught and sentenced to jail. Simran is the Bollywood avatar of Praful. Kangana Ranaut is playing Praful and she is trying her level best to communicate with audiences before release of the movie.

Twist in the Simran story

Simran wants to liver her life to the full, doing whatever she wants and enjoying every moment in life. She even takes flirting very lightly. For her, flirting with boys is an art and not gray character. She is a gambler and she has huge debts to repay but she has a love interest. From the outer side, she looks bold but from inside, she is as soft as any other woman.The first half of the movie is all about her lifestyle and the second half is all about her escape. It seems that she is ditched by her love interest.

Kangana’s dress and smile

In media reports, Kangana is seen wearing cartoon dress for promotion of the movie. Also the critics are trying to relate her smile with the movie. A report says that Kangana is smiling all the time while running from her debtors. She is in love but her boyfriend has also turned his back towards her. But she is smiling even in difficult times.

From the director’s desk

The Aigarh director Hansal Mehta is quite excited about Kangana playing Praful Patel in his movie. Recently he took to twitter to introduce the movie posters. He also mentioned Kangana in his tweets.

Simran First Look & Poster

Kangana with her smile looks angel at least in Simran. The poster shows Simran smiling at a message on her Smartphone. Dressed in off-white t-shirt and a lightweight gold chain, she looks simple without any earrings or hair accessories. Also she looks satisfied with whatever she’s doing. The name of the movie appears just below her picture.

Why watch the Simran movie?

It is a true story of a NRI girl who left a striking career in healthcare industry to pursue her desire of gambling. Like any other gambling addict, she accrued debt and landed in jail for trying to loot banks for money.

Directed – Hansal Mehta
Produced – Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Shailesh R Singh
Amit Agarwal
Written – Apurva Asrani
Starring Kangana Ranaut
Soham Shah
Esha Tewari Pande
Aneesha Joshi

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