Spark (2016 film)

The message from Spark is be the hero you were born to become

Spark: A Space Tail or simply Spark is a 3D computer animated movie. It is the story of a teenage monkey named Spark and his friends. A perfect mixture of science, fiction, adventure and comedy, is a different take but much depends upon animation and the voiceover.

Spark is a teenage monkey and he’s shown as a pleasure loving wise creature that takes everything for granted. He has three friends – Vix the fox and Chunk the warthog. One day he embarks on a mission with his trusted friends. They traverse the universe and confront challenges on their journey. But there is also a story behind this story. Spark isn’t any monkey but he had a small and caring family. One day, an evil man General Zhong destroyed his small and happy world. But the danger isn’t over as he is back with his evil plans.

Spark was a small monkey when his family was wiped out but now he is a teenager with a wise brain to plan and trustworthy companions to execute the plans. Spark won’t let his childhood story repeated again. Thirteen years ago, his family was eliminated and he had to spend his childhood in hiding. He plans to bring the Planet Bana from the clutches of General but he’s unaware of the evil plans of General.

The General has plans to destroy the entire universe using the deadly space Kraken. But Spark comes to know about his plans and he decides to stop the General. His friends are also ready to help Spark. The story takes a second turn at this moment as the quest of Spark to find his true identity and bring the planet back enters into a battlefield.

The movie has enough action and adventure and since it is the story of a monkey, it has lot of laugher and comedy. The movie is good and it will attract viewers. But again much depends on the voiceover.

Spark first look & poster

It is a very colorful poster as matches with the theme of the movie. Spark is an animated movie hence the poster should also be in the similar theme. Also having many colors show that the movie has many shades. The poster has Spark in center and he’s flanked by his friends. The rude General is shown at the bottom and the universe is at the backdrop. Also there is a message for children.

Why watch the movie?

It is like a child comic book movie but interesting. The movie is good for children and families. It is clear that the Spark will stop the General but how. Fight between the Spark and the General will be comic and also there will be use of scientific gadgets in the movie


• This is first time when Jace Norman made a non-television film

• Spark was born in 2016 at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International

• Hilary Swank first gave her voice to Spark in an animation feature

• The director Aaron Woodley did voiceover for the little creature Floyd

Directed -Aaron Woodley
Produced -Tracy Grant, Woo-Kyung Jung
Written -Doug Hadders, Adam Rotstein, Aaron Woodley
Starring -Jace Norman, Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Stewart, Hilary Swank

Release date -April 22, 2016 , April 14, 2017 (United States)
Running time-90 minutes
Country -Canada, South Korea,United States

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