Stratton Movie

Stratton: International military operation shown in a lighter vein

Stratton is an action thriller that serves nobody’s interest. Based on a series of novels by Duncan Falconer, the movie fails to attract attention. It is a simple tooth for tooth formula and the old world chase of insurgents in deserts and greens and also in the high streets of Greater London. It is an old wine served in a new bottle.

It’s all about revenge

M16 operative Jack Stratton is a proud member of the Special Boat Service in UK. He goes on an assignment in Iraq where he loses his longtime friend and partner. The Iraqi operation results in disaster for the army as it loses several of its commissioned officers. Friend of Stratton was one of the officers killed during the operation. Back home, Stratton misses his friend and also vows to do justice with his friend. It is an age old formula for creating film stories.

The story moves on with emotions

Everyone knows that there is no place for emotions in international politics. The Iranian mission was suggested and designed by senior army officers and casualties were expected from both the sides. The protagonist loses his friend and he blames no one but the insurgent they were attacking for the loss. What next? Another mission to nab the culprit; a long chase; some romance and finally the culprit is caught.

The boss

Inclusion of a beautiful lady boss who looks more foolish than attractive is simply bookish. Such characters might look good in books but in reality they make things stupid and undermine the seriousness involved in an international military operation. Stratton has a lady boss to guide and advise the team of SBB members. She sends Stratton with an American agent. Both the agents are asked to work in close cooperation.

Why the operation was needed?

Startling revelations about the terrorist activities justify the second operation after failing in first attempt. Stratton unearths many secrets and saves many lives in the second operation that is a success. The things move fast and the audiences are taken to the desert of Iran and then in the next scene they find themselves wading through the waterways of Rome.

Stratton First Look & Poster

The poster has John Stratton staring at the audiences and also there is another person standing tall behind Stratton. The first one is our hero and second one is the villain. He is made to look taller than the hero to show his strength.

Why watch the movie?

It is an action movie and also it has suspense and drama. The only good thig about the movie is that the movie runs fast. There are two military operations and lots of secret revelations of terrorist activities.


• Dominic Cooper replaced Henry Cavill just a week before filming
• The movie is based on a novel
• The author of the novel was a former SBB agent
• Dominic Cooper and Igal Naor have played members of royal family of Iraq

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