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Bollywood Diaries Movie

Bollwood Diaries: A film dedicated to millions of struggling actors droppings in Mumbai every day

Bollywood Diaries is a must watch film for those aspiring to become actors. The three protagonists of the movie represent society in different ways and show how the society is inspired by movies and success of starts and celebrities. It takes on success in Bollywood to become a celebrity.

A Delhi boy is dreaming to become from his cubicle at a call center. He works for a MNC and pockets good salary but his dreams are bigger than what his office has to offer. He isn’t one of the many sitting in his office. Another protagonist is a humble government servant in reality but a budding actor in dreams. He wants to see him acting in films. There is a third protagonist nurturing the similar dreams. She is a prostitute of Sonaghachi, Kolkata.

The three come together and start their epic journey and struggle to get seen in the overcrowded Bollywood. What they feel and experience of being in the city of dreams and how they make their opinions about Bollywood is a thing to be seen.

Why watch the movie?

A different taste and theme will certainly bring viewers to theaters. The story is … Find More