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Aquaman movie review 0

Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman: It is Everything an Action Movie is Supposed To Be

Aquaman is the son of Thomas Curry, the courageous lighthouse keeper of Maine and Atlanta, the beautiful princess of Atlantis. Also, he’s the half-brother of Orm, the power-hungry king of submerged kingdom Atlantis. It is the sixth installment in the DCEC.


The king Orm is the undisputed leader of the submerged city Atlantis but he wants more. His dream is to establish a kingdom that includes both the sea and the land. And he is working hard to fulfill his dream but the Aquaman has the power and also the right to challenge Orm. Aquaman is the real heir to the throne Orm has usurped. The Atlanteans didn’t accept Aquaman because he has half-human.

Highlights of the movie:

  • Great action scenes – capture of Atlanta and submarine battle
  • Underwater city – the high-tech city built under the sea is praiseworthy
  • Costumes – the Aquaman gets the right outfit for every character
  • Meaningful moments – everyone is given sufficient time to showcase talent
  • Sympathetic villain – the villains in the movie are shown sympathetic in nature

Aquaman first look & poster 

Aquaman movie review

The Aquaman seems emerging from the water with his partner in the poster. The water is splashing … Find More