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Kodi Veeran Movie

Lady villain will be the star attraction in Kodi Veeran

Kodi Veeran is another rural drama flick by actor producer M. Sasikumar. Known for making stories from the rural world, the veteran actor director has joined hands with his close associate M. Muthiah of Kutti Puli fame. The 2013 movie Kutti Puli was a success for both and they expect similar results for Kodi Veeran.

Sasikumar working with here heroines

The movie has three female characters and the actresses playing those characters are working with Sasikumar for first time. The lead star is Mahima Nambiar and the other actresses are Sanusha and Poorna. Not much information is revealed about the female stars except that Mahima and Sanusha will work against Sasikumar and Poorna has been assigned a very prominent role after much deliberation. Mahima is the love interest of Sasikumar and Sanusha is her sister. Mahima is doing the role without makeup.

Actress Poorna was included later and her role is said to be very critical in the movie. Whether Poorna will play a negative role or will be a positive character in support of Sasikumar isn’t known. But some insiders have hinted that her role will be negative and also that she’s going to shave her head in order … Find More