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Meeruthiya Gangster Movie : A film with exclusive crime comedy and laughter

Introduction: This movie is a crime comedy thriller which is mainly based on the huge numbers of extortion cases in Mumbai.

Movie: Meeruthiya gangsters
Cast: Jaideep Ahlwat, Aakash Dahiya, Vans Bhardwaj, Chandrachoo Rai, Shadab Kamal, Jatin Sharma, Nikhil Punia
Director: Zeishan Quadri
Genre: Crime comedy
Rank: 2.5 star

Meeruthiya Gangster Movie Trailer

Plot: This is a story of six youths from Meerut, who are jobless and want to become super rich. Ahlwat who played the character of Nikhil is the leader of this group. These young guys become interested to carry on a business of kidnapping for seeking profit. They mention this business as property ka Dhanda. They feel that this will make them millionaire.

Critic’s Review: This is the first movie of Zeishan Quadri but unfortunately this movie is not up to the mark as per critics’ review. Though, the casting is good and actors do justice to their own characters. Beside, the music is also nice especially the song sung … Find More