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Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Disney Sees The Web Through The Eyes Of The Ralph

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the second installment of the Wreck-It Ralph film series starting in 2012 with the film Wreck-It Ralph. The movie is focused on the serious attempts of Ralph to become a hero.


Ralph takes his determination to become a hero by helping his friend as a mission and sets out to help little Venellope von Schweetz in locating the driving wheel of Internet game, Sugar Rush. Venellope loves this game but she’s lost its wheel and is looking for someone to help her in locating the missing part of the game.

Both Ralph and Venellope plunge into the unknown world of the World Wide Web hoping to find the missing part that they find on auction on an eBay website. The part is available at a price they can’t pay. Ralph orders the part for his friend but little does he know that she’s developed a crush for another game, Slaughter … Find More