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The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie: Emojis are given human voice and feelings to make their movie

It is the secret world of Smartphone where lives Gene a multi-expressional emoji. He’s happy with his friends, Hi-5 and Jailbreak, a code breaker emoji. Every phone has a city of emojis. It is called Textopolis. The Emoji Movie starts with this secret hinterland. While all other emojis have one expression, Gene can make multiple expressions. One day, Gene thinks of becoming normal and sets out in the search for code that can make it normal.

The three emojis, Gene, Hi-5 and Jailbreak, start together and travel beyond their city Textopolis to search the app that can make Gene normal. What is more interesting in the story is the journey of emojis through the phone. They come across many apps in their epic journey and find that every app has its own world and friends and foes. They look for the code that can fix Gene but the code seems to be missing.

The three friends continue their search but they … Find More