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The Mummy Movie

The Mummy: There are many things that are new in this movie; a new character is introduced and a long-buried princess is made the Mummy

The Mummy is the age story told again and again but in different flavors. In 2017, Ahmanet disturbed from her resting place will by American army will seek vengeance for her untimely and unceremonious death. This time it is Tom Cruise (Nick Morton) that is leading the expedition to ancient treasure buried under Egyptian Desert that brings the classic-bandage-wrapped-monster out from her cave and tries to transport her to the London Museum that has already many stories of curses from ancient elements.

Ahmanet is a long dead princess and there is a story behind her burial. She’s buried live in the sand and it was thought that she’ll never come out. But she’s alive and waiting for the time to come back to reclaim her throne. This time it is American army that digs her out of the sand and faces the curse that she brings with her. This time, she’ll be moving with more corpses that are more powerful that you can think of.

The army is doing its duty but they are also worried about uncovering a dead corpse. There is anxiety among … Find More