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USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Movie

USS Indianpolis: Men of Courage: Why the release was pushed from May 27 to 30 is only thing unknown about the movie

USS Indianpolis: Men of Courage is more like a book than a movie as it is the real story of American war heroes onboard the ship USS Indianpolis. There were 1197 people on the ship and only 317 survived the attack by a Japanese submarine that sank the ship when it was returning from Tinian.

The real story of USS Indianpolis is the story of war heroes that sank with the ship and those who face tremendous hardships before dying an untimely death. Those survived returned back shocked be the demise of their colleagues. Sinking of the USS Indianpolis is considered the greatest loss at sea to the US Navy. The ship was entrusted the task of delivering the important parts of first atom bomb at Tinian air base of US Air Force. It was returning back to US after delivering the parts when an Imperial Japanese Navy … Find More