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Veerappan (2016 film)

RGV killed the movie Veerappan in Hindi

Killing Veerappan was a super-hit Kannada docudrama by Ram Gopal Varma in which he tried to reconstruct Operation Cocoon for the viewers. It was a successful yet controversial operation that left many questions unanswered. The general belief was that the Veerappan could be caught alive but was killed for political reasons.

Let’s come back to the Hindi movie Veerappan that is considered Hindi version of the super-hit docudrama. The first thing that can be said about the film is that it isn’t as illustrative as the docudrama was. RGV is certainly a successful director but he failed in turning Veerappan a biography. The start of the film and first half is wasted in showing killings of animals and forest and police officials and the second half is spent in joining threads of Operation Cocoon.

Veerappan is killed for the reasons best known by the STF and their political bosses. In the movie, his killing creates no controversy over the covert operation in which he was trapped and killed. The film goes as any other film and ends on the death of the gangster. What is more unacceptable is selection of characters. For instance take Lisa Ray. She looks like a model and not … Find More