Tera Intezaar Movie

Tera Intezaar: Sunny Leone in the quest of another hit movie

Tera Intezaar is a romantic musical thriller but certified “A” by Central Board of Film Certification. The board wants audience only 18 years and above to watch the movie. The film stars Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone but the producers deny any compromising scenes in the movie. On the contrary, Sunny will be seen in a never before avatar.


It is a simple love story turned thriller. Both Sunny and Arbaaz fall in love with each other but a twist in the story changes their relation. Sunny has a shady past and Arbaaz comes to know about her history. The information proves fatal for Arbaaz as he goes missing while scanning history of his lover. Sunny determined to bring Arbaaz back to her life goes after him. Is he murdered? What is the past of Sunny Leone?

Sunny Leone

Known for sizzling songs and hot scenes, Sunny is doing a very different role in this movie. She is a sensible woman with a kind heart and soft voice. This friendly woman has a tragic past that always haunts her present life. She wants to run away from her past and start a new life with her lover but worried because her past.

Arbaaz Khan

The Dabangg actor will be seen in the role of an artist in the movie. He sees her dream woman in Sunny Leone and falls in love with her. Unaware bout her past, he continues his relations with Sunny and one day goes missing. Where did he go? He could be murdered or hiding from Sunny? Arbaaz Khan looks impressive in the attire of an artist. His role and performance is praised even by the director who minces no words in saying that Arbaaz followed his advice.

It’s all about Sunny Leone

In the word of Sunny Leone, working with Arbaaz Khan was a dream and she gave stunning performance for Tera Intezaar. Her character was strengthened with supporting cast Sudha Chandran who helps her in her struggle to get rid of her past.

Tera Intezaar First Look & Poster

The poster supports Sunny Leone as she’s given maximum space. This handmade poster brings out the true color of the veteran actress. She looks beautiful even in tensed moments. The background is made with different colors showing her past. Name of the movie with the name of the director and production house is written under the picture of Sunny Leone.

Why watch the movie?

If you want to see Sunny Leone in a different role then you shouldn’t miss this picture. Another reason to watch the movie is its melodious songs. It has a total of 8 songs and one song Barbie Girl is picturized only on Sunny Leone.

Directed – Raajeev Walia
Produced – Aman Mehta, Bijal Mehta
Written – Anwarullah Khan
Starring – Sunny Leone, Arbaaz Khan
Music – Raaj Ashoo
Production company – Bageshree Films
Release date – 24th November 2017
Country – India
Language Hindi

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