The Beach Bum Movie Review

The Beach Bum: Matthew McConaughey Tries Poetry In The Movie

The Beach Bum is short movie on the life of a hedonist who’s married to wealth and who doesn’t care whether his wife is no more. He’s happy going about and feeling like a poet but he seldom does poetry. His days are spent with topless girls, a dolphin enthusiast and his dose of drugs.


Moondog has many distinctions – poet, outdoor enthusiast and anaddict. He’s richer than a rich person because of wife who belongs to a wealthy Florida family. But he spends his days on beaches; strolling around with beautiful beach girls and going on dolphin excursions with his friend Captain Wack who happens to be a tour guide. But the things change with time; Moondog is sent to a rehab, his wife Minnie is having an affair and the enormous wealth is held in escrow until Moondog accomplishes a job, writing a masterpiece. Would he be able to finish his masterpiece?

Highlights of the movie

  • The stars are allowed to be creative with their characters
  • A mix of different characters gives a unique flavor to the movie
  • It is like a joyous journey of a wealthy poet
  • The movie is largely shot on beaches away from crowd and congestion

The Beach Bum First Look & Poster 

beach bum movie review

The poster has all the colors of life and also all the characters are displayed in different colors. And the largest figure coming out from the middle of other characters is of Moondog. The poster says all about the movie.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a short comedy movie good for viewers of all ages including families.

Watch Movie Trailer


  • At some places in Los Angeles, the movie would be featured with marijuana
  • Matthew McConaughey replaced Gary Oldman as Moondog
  • Harmony Korine’s second movie with a High School Musical actor
  • Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill reunite for the movie

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