The Finest Hours Movie

The Finest Hour: Even the surviving sailors relived the sensation of the daring rescue

The Finest Hour is based on a true story of dramatic 1952 rescue operation of US Coast Guard but the movie has a love story included in the real incident. But the good thing is that the love doesn’t seem to be forced on the coast guards.

The story dates back to 1952 when a small team of US Coast Guard sets in unfavorable weather condition in unforgiving ocean of the coast of Chatham. The mission was to save crew of an oil tanker ripped apart and nearly downed by nor’easter. The team has a challenging task of rescuing the entire crew in a small boat.

The crew is saved and also the US Coast Guard team comes back unhurt without loss of any life or material. It was a thumping victory of the daring guards against the nature’s fury.

Why watch the movie?

If you like movies based on true stories; you will certainly appreciate the movie as it presents the facts as they unfolded on that fateful day. There are more facts than drama in the movie.


  • Andy Fitzgerald said that he was unaware that the operation was so dangerous on watching the film.
  • The vintage police car used in the film belongs to the Orleans Police Department.
  • The film was mainly shot at Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • The film has 1,000 visual effect shots that lasted a year post production.

Critic Reviews

“A remarkable tale, confusingly told. Impressive storm sequences and a very good Pine almost save the day”, Rafer Guzman

“At sea it’s pretty terrific. But on land, where too much of this seafaring folly transpires, it’s dull as dirt”, Al Alexander.

“The action is big and bold and in your face; the melodrama shouldn’t be”, Frank Wilkins.
“…fine special effects and high tension with good performances…lags during the final ten minutes when the mood, exacerbated by the music, becomes maudlin”, Tony Medley.

Directed – Craig Gillespie
Produced – Dorothy Aufiero, James Whitaker
Starring – Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Holliday Grainger, John Ortiz, Eric Bana

The Finest Hours Movie

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