The Grinch Movie Review

The Grinch Steals Christmas Again

The Grinch aka Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch is based on the 1957 book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” by Dr. Seuss’. But it isn’t the first screen adaptation of the story. It was first screened as a television special in 1966 and the second time it was made a live-action feature film in 2000. In the third adaptation, it is made a computer-animated comedy movie.


It is Christmas time and all the residents of Whoville are busy with their Christmas preparations. Everyone is happy and eagerly waiting to greet the Santa Clause. But there is someone who’s planning to spoil the festivities in the disguise of an angel. The Grinch is hatching a plan to steal the Christmas gifts and in this way devoid the Whoville inhabitants of their gifts.

Max, the canine and Fred, the reindeer are supporting The Grinch in the evil plan. At the same time, Cindy Lou is waiting for the Santa Clause to thank him for helping her widowed mother every year. But little does she know she’s going to expose The Grinch and his aides.

Highlights of the movie:

  • 3D computer-animated comedy Christmas movie
  • Story of the movie matches with the original story
  • The Grinch retains his original character
  • The Christmas celebrations are made more colorful and enjoying
  • The movie has a different conception

The Grinch First Look & Poster 

It is a colorful poster where The Grinch is seen overlooking the Christmas celebrations in Whoville down in the valley. He has his close aide Max and they both are waiting for the right moment to strike. Also, The Grinch is seen wearing muffler of Santa Clause.

Why watch the movie? 

Dr. Seuss authored a popular story that has been captivating children since 1966 when the first screen adaptation of the story came out.

Movie Trailer


  • The movie was slated to be released in November 2017
  • It is the second time that Illumination Entertainment is making a movie on Dr. Seuss’ story
  • The scene of a cat attacking The Grinch is taken from the 2000 movie
  • The Grinch has a reindeer to help but in the book, The Grinch couldn’t find a reindeer

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