The Late Bloomer Movie Review

The Late Bloomer: Kevin Pollak Could Have Produced Riotous Results

The Late Bloomer is the story of a man achieving puberty at a ripe age of 30. This sudden rush of adrenaline results in the person taking intense interest in women. Surprised with changes, he’s unable to control his feeling towards opposite $ex and $exual activity.


Dr. Peter Newmans (Johnny Simmons)is a young $ex therapist but he’s yet to achieve puberty.He’s undeveloped genitalia because of a benign brain tumor. An investigation of a sports injury in the groin area leads to the discovery of brain tumor as the real culprit. Soon he’s operated upon and he starts behaving normal. His pretty neighbor Michelle (Brittany Snow) becomes his first love interest. And a series of comic events starts after he becomes a normal man.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The idea behind a man achieving puberty at 30 is rife with comic possibilities
  • Sarcastic commentary about the late achieving situation makes a comic environment
  • Johnny Simmons is a perfect choice for this role because of his baby like facial features
  • The occurrence of male symptoms like a giant erection and heavy voice and finally compulsive masturbation add to the comic flavor

The Late Bloomer First Look & Poster 

late bloomer movie review

The poster has Johnny Simmons staring at the thighs of Brittany Snow who is standing tall before him. Johnny looks surprised but he’s smiling. He’s finally achieved puberty and now enjoying the company of a woman.

Why watch the movie? 

Adults would like this $ex adventure and comedy. It is strictly for adults and grown up kids.

Movie Trailer


  • Skylar Astin was cast for lead role
  • Johnny Simmons and J.K. Simmons also featured in a 2013 short movie Whiplash
  • Paul Wesley and Britanny Snow were previously seen in a show American Dreams

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