Thiruttu Payale 2: Story of corruption made larger than life

Thiruttu Payale 2: Story of corruption made larger than life

Thiruttu Payale 2 by Susi Ganeshan is a movie of different taste. It isn’t about good v/s bad or story of a common man having extra-ordinary powers but it tells what happens when all bad people see each-other face-to-face. The story is about the worst from the bad. It isn’t about corruption but about corruption in the corrupt system. The movie

Corrupt police officer

Selvam (Bobby Simha) is police officer popular as honest corrupt in the police circle. He lives a peaceful life with his beautiful wife Amala Paul (Agalya). He earns good money with corrupt practices but he’s always looking for more ways to earn money. Suddenly he gets an opportunity in the form of surveillance specialist. He is assigned the job of tapping phone calls of high and mighty of the society and powerful people.

Selvan makes more money by tapping phone calls of elite group of society and politics. He sneaks into the personal lives of his bosses and gets their secret phone numbers, bank account details and other crucial information. But he listens to a phone call that indicates at a bigger scam.

The bad boy

Balakrishna (Prasanna) is the bad boy of the movie. A smart and tech-savvy guy, Balki is an experienced hacker. He knows how to flirt and win women. He hunts for lonely women and flirts with them. Finally he gains access to their personal computers, downloads secret information from their computers and blackmails his targets.

Bala befriends Agalya and hacks her computer. He downloads her personal pictures and also the secret information Selvam has collected. Bala blackmails Agalya by editing her pictures. He wants Agalya to sleep with him. Selvam intercepts their phone calls and comes to know about the incident. He wants to save his wife as she’s innocent.

The climax

The movie is bad v/s worst. Selvam takes the challenge of fighting with smart Bala who now starts threatening to make all the details collected by Selvam public. The movie has a happy ending that is crime never pays. The corrupt police officer takes tough lessons from the incident.

Thiruttu Payale 2 First Look & Poster

The romantic poster of the movie has Selvam and Agalya loving under rain. Selvam looks confident and Agalya looks simple and fresh. The evergreen actress is wearing a sunflower color saree and the actor is seen in half shirt. Name of the movie and other details are printed on top.

Why watch the movie?

The movie has a story never told before. It is different from other love stories. It has a corrupt police officer but he works honestly for his bosses. Also the movie has thrill, action and suspense. It is a crime thriller of different flavor.

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