Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan Movie

Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyanis a mix of romance, music, high ambitions and suspense. It is a simple story of an avid singer that gets big assignments but he has a soft corner for the downtrodden. He rises high up in his singing career and dreams to settle down abroad with his love, a folk singer. He also meets a socialite and gets impressed by her views on the society.
Arsh Sehrawat and Shrenu Parikh are in read roles. Arsh is Siddharth Kaul, the ambitious singer and Shrenu Kaul is Neha, the folk singer. Siddharth’s mother wants him to settle abroad for a better future. As a singer, Siddharth joins a leading band “Antriksha” and travels different places with his band. It is during one of his programs that he meets the folk singer and his love. Also he comes into contact with a social activist. Life takes a full circle for Siddarth after meeting Neha and the social activist. His views changed and he becomes more social.

Simplicity of Neha and ideologies of the social activist inspires Arsh to do something different. He is a changed boy now but he is unaware what fate has for him in its bag. Arsh’s father dies but it isn’t natural or accidental but it seems murder. Arsh has to face the reality and he decides to explore his past to unearth untimely death of his father. His mother tries to stop him from digging his family history but he is adamant.

The story relies more on Siddharth Kaul as he is the central character and all the stories connect to this building block. Also there is union of modern music represented by pop and folk songs limited to regions. Folk songs take people to their roots while the modern music takes singers away from his roots.

Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan First Look & Poster

The poster has vibrant colors and it seems like a stage of a music band. At the stage, there are the lead actors. Arsh is in dress of a pop singer that is tight jeans and a cut-sleeve t-shirt but Shrenu is in the costume of a folk singer that is simple looking suit over jeans. Her curly locks are open and flowing and she is standing close to Arsh. Her hands are on his chest and his hands are on her waist. Name of the movie is written on the top and the name matches with the poster design.

Why watch the movie?

It is a musical love story hence music enthusiasts will certainly like the movie. Also it has a touch of reality and suspense. The movie has everything that can bring movie buffs to theaters.

Hindi थोड़ी थोड़ी सी मनमानियाँ
Directed – Aditya Sarpotdar
Produced – Satish Kumar and Rohan Deep Singh
Starring -Arsh Sehrawat, Shrenu Parikh, Shilpa Tulaskar, Mukesh Tiwari, Rahul Raj Malhotra, Kuldeep Sarin
Release date – 12 May 2017



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