Tubelight Movie

Tubelight Movie is all set to steal the limelight and project Salman Khan as a mega star after Amitabh Bachchan

Salman Khan is the real Baahubali of Bollywood. It is only Salman that can give hit after hit and it is only Salman that is the most desirable actor in the country. His next flick “Tubelight” has already got much light that it seems to be a hit. There are little chances of this movie being a flop but “Tubelight” has to be as entertaining as the previous movies of Salman Khan.


Tubelight in the local lingo is used for people who take time in understanding things. They are slow in everything and for this reason called Tubelight. In India, tubelights take time in lighting due to power fluctuations. The movie is set on the backdrop of 1962 Sino-Indian. Salman is Laxman Singh Bisht in the movie. He is suffering from an unusual disorder that makes him slow in listening – hearing things only after a delay.

Sohail Khan is Bharat Singh Bisht and reel brother of Laxman. He is in Indian army and goes to war. The movie has two sides – family and individual. As a loving family member, Salman Khan feels responsible for his family and as an individual he’s in love with a girl. As a brave man, Salman tries to live with his impediment that is delayed hearing. Would he be able to fulfill his responsibilities towards his family and love?

Highlights of the movie

• Shah Rukh Khan in a cameo
• Presence of late Om Puri, the veteran actor
• Salman and Sohail are real brothers
• Chinese actress Zhu Zhu in lead role
• Produced by Kabir Khan of “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” fame
• 100 crore budget

What people won’t like in the movie?

Tubelight is a highly balanced movie that has a perfect mixture of suspense, drama and comedy but like others, it is also not free from mistakes. At one point Salman is made an object of laughing due to his delayed response and at the same time, his sentiments as an individual are used to elicit sympathy by audience.

Tubelight First Look & Poster

It is a big poster with Salman capturing the entire space. He is wearing a woolen cap and a sweater. He looks worried about the war that is going on the Sino-Indian border. The war scene is shown on the bottom. Name of the movie is written below the war scene and all capital letters are used to write the tubelight. Also there is a question “kya tumhen yakeen hai?” on the left side of Salman.

Why watch the movie?

Salman Khan himself is enough to bring audiences to movie theaters. Tubelight has a good story and a stunning star cast that includes another Khan and a foreign actor. If these reasons aren’t sufficient for watching the movie then you should about its reviews on newspapers and magazines.


• Om Puri playing Colonel Sanders, the owner of KFC
• Salman and Shah Rukh sharing the stage after Om Shanti Om
• Last movie of Om Puri
• Tubelight is inspired by Little Boy

Directed -Kabir Khan
Produced -Salman Khan
Written -Kabir Khan(Dialogues), Parveez Shaikh(Additional Dialogues)
Screenplay -Kabir Khan, Parveez Shaikh, Sandeep Srivastava
Story -Kabir Khan
Based -Sino-Indian War
Starring -Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Paras Arora
Release dates-June 26 2017
Country -India
Language -Hindi

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