Udanchhoo Movie

Prem Chopra in the avatar of a conman and Rajneesh Duggal in eight different roles are the leading stars of Udanchhoo

Udanchhoo is a socio-religious satire on the “Dhongi Babas” that exist in the society only to fulfill their greed. Recently many such babas were sent behind the bars and more babas are under the radar of law enforcement agencies. The good thing is that the society is taking action against these babas.

In Udanchhoo, we’ve a greedy baba called Guru G running black money operation under the disguise of ashram. The veteran actor Prem Chopra is selected for the role of Guru G. He looks calm, patient and greedy. But his appearance becomes intimidating when he sits on his throne garlanded by yellow flowers.

Meet Prem Chopra as Guru G

The veteran actor is good at comedy as we saw in many movies like Baadshah and Beti No.1 But in Udanchhoo, he’s playing a different role that is comedian and villain. He’s the villain “Dhongi Baba” and at the same time, he’s the greedy man that does stupid things for short gains. Guru G has a cunning female disciple Shanti played by Saisha Sehgal. But it would be more appropriate to say that the avatar of Guru G looks complete only in the company of Shanti. Her role is to support Guru G in his stupid but daring acts.

Meet Rajneesh Duggal as Vikram

The main protagonist of the movie, Rajnees Duggal is playing multiple roles in the picture. He’s seen talking like a Mumbai boy and in the next seen, he becomes a pure Maharashtrian. He also wears hat of a courageous cop and also dons the expensive outfits of a rich businessman. It is the first movie in which Rajneesh Duggal is showing many facets of his skills. But he isn’t in the team of Guru G. He’s provided a free play and this is evident from many dresses he wears in the movie.

Udanchhoo story

This story has so many twists that it becomes difficult to understand which way the story would move. It isn’t simple romance and villain type story that is the staple of regular Bollywood movies.

Udanchhoo First Look & Poster

The poster wears a comic look due to dressing and physical appearance of Guru G. The colorful poster reveals exciting details about the movie. It has Ashutosh Rana sitting on the chair godman and Rajneesh Duggal emerging from the floor in front of the godman. Saisha Sehgal is also seen in the poster. The most noticeable thing in the poster is the black money.

Why watch the movie?

Prem Chopra is seen after a long time and in a different avatar. This time, he’s a conman. Also Rajneesh Duggal is ready to surprise viewers with his multiple roles. One more thing that makes the film interesting is a unique story.


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Directed – Vipin Parashar
Produced – Ravindra Singh
Written –
Vishal V. Patil
Vaibhav Bajpai
Screenplay – Vishal V. Patil
Story – Vishal V. Patil
Prem Chopra
Rajniesh Duggal
Ashutosh Rana
Bruna Abdullah
Saisha Sehgal
Music – Pravin-Manoj
R-Vision India Pvt.Ltd
Country India
Language Hindi



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