USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Movie

USS Indianpolis: Men of Courage: Why the release was pushed from May 27 to 30 is only thing unknown about the movie

USS Indianpolis: Men of Courage is more like a book than a movie as it is the real story of American war heroes onboard the ship USS Indianpolis. There were 1197 people on the ship and only 317 survived the attack by a Japanese submarine that sank the ship when it was returning from Tinian.

The real story of USS Indianpolis is the story of war heroes that sank with the ship and those who face tremendous hardships before dying an untimely death. Those survived returned back shocked be the demise of their colleagues. Sinking of the USS Indianpolis is considered the greatest loss at sea to the US Navy. The ship was entrusted the task of delivering the important parts of first atom bomb at Tinian air base of US Air Force. It was returning back to US after delivering the parts when an Imperial Japanese Navy Submarine I-58 torpedoed the ship. It sank within 12 minutes. 300 of the 1197 occupants sank with the ship while 900 died of dehydration, salt water poisoning and shark attacks. Survivors were rescued four days after four days of sinking of the USS Indianpolis.

The film shows the exemplary courage displayed by all the 1197 war heroes of USS Indianpolis. It is a real story but its success on box office depends on only one factor that is how much close the movie is to the real story. Director Mario Van Peebles has left no stone unturned to give a touch of reality to this movie. Studio for the movie was developed only after deep deliberation with survivors of the disaster and consultation with US Navy and US Coast Guard. US Navy also helped in writing final script for the movie.

It is the story of WW-II hence fresh in the minds of people and the director is also enthusiastic about release of the movie. It was first scheduled to be released on May 27 but release is pushed to May 30 due to unknown fear or expectation. Officially the reason is given that the film will be released on Memorial Day weekend.

Why watch the movie?

If you are curious about WW-II and want to know more about that war then you must watch this movie. Here you will see WW-II era planes used in the rescue operation for the survivors. And those looking for a movie different from the traditional fantasy war films will also like this movie.


• Jhonny Crane, a survivor, is portrayed by his grandson. He lost his arm to a shark attack but he is still alive

• Jhonny Crane was also featured in the movie shark attack movie Deep Blue Sea (1999)

• USS Alabama is used to portray USS Indianpolis

• Script was written from the book “In Harm’s Way”

Directed – Mario Van Peebles
Produced – Michael Mendelsohn, Richard Rionda Del Castro
Written – Cam Cannon, Richard Rionda Del Castro
Starring – Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, Matt Lanter, Brian Presley, Cody Walker
Music – Laurent Eyquem
Release dates
27 May, 2016
Country United States
Language English

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