Waarrior Savitri Movie

Warrior Savitri: The legendary story of Styavan Savitri and Yamraj

Warrior Savitri is the story of Satyavan Savitri but in a modern way. Also this movie is the Bollywood debut of Lucy Pander known as $exy siren. Written and directed by Hollywood known director Param Gill, the film features Niharica Raizada, Rajat Marmecha and Om Puri in addition to the $exy siren. Gulshan Grover is also playing a very important part in the movie. Warrior Savitri is produced under the banner of Dr Bob’s Production.

Remember the Styavan Savitri story where Savitri gets life of her husband Satyavan in a blessing from Yamraj. The modern Savitri imitates the legendary Savitri in the modern way. She is a fighter, an expert in martial arts and she is determined to save her husband from eventuality in any way. The story attracts attention as it is reel story of modern Savitri. The viewers will certainly try finding the legendary Savitri in the reel character. It is certainly going to be big entertainment for viewers bored with too many love stories and suspense thrillers.

Romance, action and thrill – Warrior Savitri has everything for audiences. She is beautiful but not weak. She doesn’t pledge but snatches what she wants. A loyal and caring wife, Warrior Savitri is ready to take any challenge to save life of her husband. In the fable, Yamraj comes when Satyavan completes his age but in modern story there are threats to the life of Satyavan and he overcomes all the dangers with the help of his wife. The storyline is strong but would the director be able to make it interesting?

The movie is set to release on 22 July 2016. The suiting is done at Jodhpur, Mumbai and Las Vegas hence we can see international connection of the story. It is going to be a different movie for the movie buffs and it will also get good response on international stage. This movie is worth watching not because it is related to a legend but the legendary story of Satyavan Savitri is presented in a way that reflects modern lifestyle.

Why watch the movie?

Name Savitri is a enough to bring viewers to cinema halls but the new avatar of Savitri is warrior. She is a clever woman expert in martial arts and she knows how to protect interests of her husband. This film has something for everyone like romance, action and thrill. Savitri is a legend. She is afraid from none; she is determined and she achieves what she decides. The modern day Savitri has to fight with modern Yamraj and she is mentally and physical prepared to take on the Yamraj. The movie will attract viewers of all ages and the critics will also give thumbs up to the Warrior Savitri.

Directed – Param Gill
Produced – Upender Maheshwari & Dr. Bob- Kanda
Written – Param Gill
Starring – Niharica Raizada, Lucy Pinder, Rajat Barmecha, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover
Production Company – Dr. Bobs Production
Release dates – July 22, 2016
Country – India
Language – Hindi

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