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War Dogs: Heavy dramatization could dilute the truth behind the movie

War Dogs is an American biographical crime war comedy movie based on real story of Iraq war. It is the story of two friends who made millions from the war that ruined lives of millions. They were arms dealers and they bagged many government contracts to supply arms to US troops in Afghanistan.

Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz are childhood friends. Efraim gets an opportunity to become an arms dealer for US government. He invites his friend to join him in the flourishing business. Starting with small contracts, they keep on going bagging big supply orders. They make good money from these contracts and suddenly they bag the biggest order of their life. It is a huge-huge supply order but there are many shadows behind this deal. It is a $300 million supply order with the condition of working with some very shady people. It is a certainly big deal that the duo doesn’t want to let go but they also don’t want to get involved in illegal business. What happens next is the thing to be seen.

War Dogs is based on a book titled Arms and the Dudes. It was authored by Guy Lawson after he wrote an article on the same topic in Rolling Stone. The film is directed by Todd Phillips and written by the Phillips, Jason Smilovic and Stephen Chin. The film has to be dramatized because it isn’t possible to shoot the movie on real warzone. Also there are many events that never took place during the Iraq war.

The film was initially scheduled to be released in second week of March 2016 but the release date was extended to August 2016 due to reasons unknown. It was released on 19 August 2016 in the United States and the box office collection of the movie is projected to be around $12-15 in the first week. It is released in 3,100 screens in the US.

War Dogs first look at the posture

The posture of the movie shows the arms dealers in action. The first person is wearing a spectacle and firing from a gun he is holding. He is seen to be enjoying the fire. His companion is protecting his ears from the gunshots but he is happy as well. The background is made like a warzone. The picture clearly shows that the duo isn’t army personnel but civilians. They are arms dealers.

Why watch the movie?

It is based on a true story from rags to riches. Some people made millions from Iraq war and they all were related to arms dealing. But the deals weren’t transparent. There were many people in the deals making mockery of the arms deals and making millions from a corrupt world system.


• Jonah Hill is playing Efraim Diveroli and when he went to meet real Efraim Diveroli, he was declined

• Jonah Hill put on weight to play real Efraim Diveroli in the movie

• Arms and the Dudes was changed to War Dogs

• War Dogs stands for the people who make money

Directed – Todd Phillips
Produced – Scott Budnick, Bradley Cooper, Mark Gordon, Todd Phillips, Bryan Zuriff
Written – Stephen Chin, Todd Phillips, Jason Smilovic
Based on Arms and the Dudes – Guy Lawson
Starring – Jonah Hill, Miles Teller
Music – Cliff Martinez
Release dates – August 19, 2016
Country – United States



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