Zero Movie Review

Zero: Shah Rukh Khan Zeroed On Salman Khan For His Most Expensive Movie

SRK’s Zero is yet to hit the silver screen but the industry experts have already declared Zero a blockbuster. It will certainly leave the Thugs of Hindostan behind in box office collection but it isn’t certain whether it will enter the 100 crore club.


Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) is desperate for marriage. He’s 38-year old but couldn’t find a suitable match due to his short stature. Finally the lady luck showers her blessings on Bauua Singh when he meets Aafia Bhinder (Anushka Sharma). Aafia is a NASA scientist but she’s cerebral palsy. They enjoy a good relationship until Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif) enters into the life of Bauua Singh. Babita is a leading Bollywood actress but she’s alcoholic. Now Bauua Singh has to decide which female would be more suitable for him.

zero movie review

Highlights of the movie 

  • Produced at a huge budget of ₹200 crore
  • Most expensive movie of SRK
  • Famed stars including Salman Khan and Sridevi in special appearance
  • The poster of SRK holding a kirpan is digitally altered
  • The story is inspired the superhero genre

Zero First Look & Poster 

The poster features SRK in the role of dwarf Bauua Singh. He’s seen kissing Aushka Sharma on her forehead. Seated on a wheel chair, Aushka looks taller than SRK who’s standing before her. She gently bows her head to make it convenient for SRK to kiss on her forehead. They’re standing before a large window opening that makes a bright backdrop.

Why watch the movie? 

Zero has an interesting story and an impressive list of stars including special appearances. Another reason for watching the movie is its budget.

Movie Trailer


  • Zero is the last movie of Sridevi
  • First movie of SRK and Ananad L Rai
  • The movie celebrates zero
  • Deepika Padukone was first offered the role of Anuskha.



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