Street Dancer 3D Movie Review

Varun Dhawan impressed everyone with his dance performance. Shraddha also did a great job as the leader of a Pakistani dance group. Street Dancer 3D: Varun Dhawan And Shraddha Kapoor Starrer Could Create History With Dance Theme Street Dancer 3D is a film based on dance. There are two dance groups from different countries working hard to win a global dance competition. According to initial reviews, the movie would impress the viewers with dance. The experts predict that the movie could earn from Rs. 18 to Rs. 20 crores on its opening day. Story Sahej (Varun Dhawan) is the leader of a dance group from India and Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor) is the leader of the Pakistani dance group. They both are good dancers and their groups excellent. But they are bitter rivals and this is evident from their competitive edge. Whether it is a café or a narrow street, wherever they meet, they turn the area into a stage and try to outperform each other. Their objective is to win a global dance competition. But finally, they realize that they come from the same background and that their roots are similar. They realize that their objective is to stand for the people of the Asian subcontinent. These are underdogs standing tall against all odds and giving their best performance. Highlights of the movie The movie has lots of comic scenes that keep the competitive tone of the movie low Debut movie of Vartika Jha the winner of Dance Plus 4...


Underwater Movie Review

Underwater: The Overconfidence of Kristen Stewart Blunts The Horror Of The Movie    Underwater is a science fiction horror movie involving an alien creature. A crew of deep-sea oil rig is attacked by an unknown creature seven miles below the sea. But like a traditional Hollywood movie, the enemy is killed and brought to ship for display. Story Norah Price (Kristen Stewart) is the head of a scientific investigating team working on ocean depths. Suddenly their ship is attacked. It is an earthquake-like situation but Norah loses no time in recognizing that it is an attack and that the attacker doesn’t belong to the earth. The mysterious creature attacking their ship is too powerful for the team to manage. Highlights of the movie Underwater is an alien knockoff but enthralling The movie is modernized in a way that it would attract everyone Director William Eubank has included a couple of great lines in the script The message that is how to deal with situations that make you feel helpless The teamwork performed by the investing team under attack is commendable Underwater First Look & Poster The poster has Norah Price trying to assess the danger lurking towards their underwater lab. She’s wearing her swimsuit and has two injury marks, one above on her nose and the second on her cheek. The lab is blurred in the background. Also, the poster has the situation described in the text matter. Why watch the movie? Underwater is a horror movie but with a...