5 OTT Releases Must Watch For Indian Audiences

This weekend, OTT platforms have arranged some big releases including one from SRK production Red Chillies Entertainment. There are four big movies and a thrilling web-series on sex trafficking. One of the movies is a horror comedy and another is a masala love story. Class of ’83 (Hindi, Netflix) Abhay Deol is making a comeback with this Shar Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment movie. He is playing a senior cop shunted to police training academy as punishment posting and where he trains five assassin policemen to take his revenge. But his plan backfires.  Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi (Telugu, Aha) It is a usual story of young lovers in conflict with caste-ridden society and family opposition due to societal rules. In short, it is a Telugu masala movie but inclusion of a new faces gives it some freshness. Also, Munna and Drushika Chander, the lead actors of the love story, are making their debut with this movie. Mee Raqsam (Hindi, Zee5) This movie gives a lot of hope to viewers. First, it has veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah known for giving super performances. Second, it is directed Baba Azmi, brother of Shabana Azmi. And third, the story is about a small-town girl who wants to become a dancer despite strong opposition from the conservative family with the only exception of her father.  Flesh (Hindi, Eros) It is a web-series of eight episodes on sex-trafficking. It starts with kidnapping of the daughter of a rich NRI couple by goons of a sex-trader. The...


1 Crore Is What Shah Rukh Khan Charges For His Instagram Posts

Shah Rukh Khan is popularly known as the Badshah of Bollywood but he’s the one of the biggest stars in the world. Also, he’s one of the few that rule both the cinema and social media. He gives hit movies and his Instagram posts also get millions of hits.  SRK Instagram profile Shah Rukh Khan has amassed over 22 million followers on Instagram that follow his selfies and like the witty captions over the images. This huge fan following have made brands crazy for Shar Rukh Khan’s Instagram posts. Everyone wants to take advantage of his popularity on Instagram but SRK charges an exorbitant price for his social media posts. Cost of SRK’s Instagram posts  His charges for social posts can’t be anybody’s guess as he charges from Rs. 80 lakh to 1 crore for a post. But what is more surprising is that there are brands willing to spend this much amount to get him for the job. The price looks quite high but considering the immense popularity of the star, this price is nothing. The huge followership promises quick visibility for which brands are ready to spend any amount.