1 Crore Is What Shah Rukh Khan Charges For His Instagram Posts

Shah Rukh Khan is popularly known as the Badshah of Bollywood but he’s the one of the biggest stars in the world. Also, he’s one of the few that rule both the cinema and social media. He gives hit movies and his Instagram posts also get millions of hits.  SRK Instagram profile Shah Rukh Khan has amassed over 22 million followers on Instagram that follow his selfies and like the witty captions over the images. This huge fan following have made brands crazy for Shar Rukh Khan’s Instagram posts. Everyone wants to take advantage of his popularity on Instagram but SRK charges an exorbitant price for his social media posts. Cost of SRK’s Instagram posts  His charges for social posts can’t be anybody’s guess as he charges from Rs. 80 lakh to 1 crore for a post. But what is more surprising is that there are brands willing to spend this much amount to get him for the job. The price looks quite high but considering the immense popularity of the star, this price is nothing. The huge followership promises quick visibility for which brands are ready to spend any amount. 


10 Malayalam Movies Trending High On OTT Platforms

Malayalam movie industry has produced some good movies to watch them again and again. And OTT platforms are providing an opportunity to enjoy the best of Malayalam film industry anytime and anywhere.  1. Varane Avashyamundu (Netflix) Story of a single mother of a grown-up daughter falling in love with her neighbour who happens to a retired army officer but has grumpy behavior. Shobana and Suresh Gopi are in main leads. 2. Kappela (Netflix) A wrongly dialled phone number connects Jessy, a well-settled girl, with a rickshaw driver and they both fall in love. But the story becomes a thriller when they plan to meet. 3. Trance (Amazon Prime) The most awaited movie of last year, it narrates the story of a young motivational speaker working as a pastor for a multinational company’s scam. It shows money swindling in the name of faith in the society. 4. Ayyappanum Koshiyum (Amazon Prime) The movie cleaves the futility of male ego through a battle of powerplay between a cop and a rich planter. And it starts with a minor fracas. Biju Menon and Prithviraj Sukumaran are in the lead roles. 5. Unda (Amazon Prime) A group of Kerala cops is sent to the Maoist belt in Chhattisgarh on election duty where they face a surprise attack by Maoists and left defenceless without enough armoury.  6. Lucifer (Amazon Prime) It is a family political drama where a veteran political leader dies without naming his successor what provides his children an opportunity to enter the...