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Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman: It is Everything an Action Movie is Supposed To Be Aquaman is the son of Thomas Curry, the courageous lighthouse keeper of Maine and Atlanta, the beautiful princess of Atlantis. Also, he’s the half-brother of Orm, the power-hungry king of submerged kingdom Atlantis. It is the sixth installment in the DCEC. Story  The king Orm is the undisputed leader of the submerged city Atlantis but he wants more. His dream is to establish a kingdom that includes both the sea and the land. And he is working hard to fulfill his dream but the Aquaman has the power and...

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Escape Room Movie Review

Escape Room is Based on a Popular Group Activity Escape Room is a psychological horror movie by director Adam Robitel. The movie has six strangers taking the challenge of solving given puzzles in a locked situation created by immersive rooms and then looking for a safe exit from the hellish situation. Story  Six youngsters that are strangers for each other are locked in a virtual-reality like situations from where they are expected to find a safe exit. But the first task is to solve a puzzle and each has his/her puzzle to solve. The youngsters become crazy about the game...